2017 Physician of the Year – Srilatha Kanumuru, M.D., Howard County General Hospital

(upbeat music)>>All the physicians want
to be great physicians when we go through med school and once the training is finished, once you come to the real world, working at the hospital
and the medical offices. The work life balance is very important, especially being a female physician. Once you get that, and also
be compassionate all the time, also be a great team player, is going to help improve
patient care and experience. I am most proud of my
colleagues, my partners, who I have been working
here for almost 11 years, to improve the patient care, our main focus is the patient care. And also the administration,
who are willing to help us and improve the patient care and willing to hear our
concerns all the time. And also I can’t forget
the nursing teams as well. They are the part of the team to give good patient experience. I really appreciate the administration at Howard County General Hospital. They all are very approachable
and willing to make changes for the patient care experience. We do have a physician forum at Howard County General Hospital, where all the physicians are invited to come discuss with
them about any issues, and when we discuss they
do implement changes to improve the patient care experience. My advice to other physicians, I’m going to give it from
my personal experience having my son being in
the hospital recently. In addition to using our brain for knowledge for patient care, that patient care has
to come from our hearts, to improve patient care and experience. (gentle music)

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