2017 Ho Din Award – Dr. Lauren Kolski on the Agape Women’s Clinic – SW Medical

The Agape Women’s Clinic stemmed from my
work with the Agape Global Health Clinic when I and the four other managers noticed
that there was a need among our patient population for well woman exams. So along with the UT Southwestern Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology we started the Agape Women’s Clinic in order to provide well woman exams to the women in the
area and we put the clinic on Saturdays so that these patients who spend most of
their waking hours working or taking care of everyone else in their family
would have time to come to the clinic and get the screening and preventive
care that they needed. So far it’s been a success, I mean the
Agape Clinic, the Global Health Clinic and the Women’s Clinic have taken off
they’re now part of UT Southwestern’s official group of clinics and I’m so
proud of what all the other managers have done just to help these clinics
grow and help our patients even more.

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