2017 Founders’ Award – John Paschen, MD | McFarland Clinic

ANNOUNCER: The 2017 Trusted Choice Founders’
Award goes to Dr. John Paschen of Ames Pediatrics. Dr. Paschen was one of three nominees and was chosen to represent our
McFarland physician leaders. DR. PASCHEN: I was really quite surprised. I’ve been nominated before, but I really didn’t
think I was gonna get it. I thought it was kind of clever I came up
with that joke pretty quickly when I got it, because I had not idea it was coming. “I won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes?! – I can’t believe it!!”
– [laughter] ANNE: He is compassionate. He’s honest.
He has so much integrity. He treats patients…they’re the most important
thing of his workday. And that’s his philosophy. I just have a lot
of respect for him. DR. PASCHEN: You know, we’re here for our patients.
I mean this is the whole reason we’re here. Children are the best patients you could
possibly have. They’re honest. They’re also
phenomenally strong. Every time you think they’re done with, they
recover, and they get better. They’re also innocent bystanders in the
disease process. There’s nothing they did that caused their
disease, so you tend to work a little bit harder for them. ANNE: He seemed to be kind of that person
in the department that everyone who had any kind of issue or problem, you just go to Dr.
Paschen because you know he’s going to listen, number one, and then he’ll give you a good,
honest answer. He doesn’t take over and try to solve
everybody’s problems, he helps people figure that out for themselves.
That’s a real skill. DR PASCHEN: The greatest thing that I ever
hear a patient say…is, “Thank you, Dr. Paschen.” That’s what it’s all about.

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