2017 Best Consulting Physician at the Johns Hopkins Hospital – Robin Avery, M.D.

(uplifting piano music)>>Communication is
important to me every day, in that I view myself as a small part of a larger culture of communication, which is really the world in which transplant and oncology
patient care takes place. The most important
communication of course, is with the patient and their family. But I’m also very fortunate
to have the opportunity to communicate frequently
with fantastic team members, including my own infectious
disease colleagues, the transplant and oncology teams, pharmacy, microbiology, social work, primary care physicians, consultants. And really a lot of the joy of it for me is getting to know and
work shoulder-to-shoulder with these wonderful team members. What I’m most proud of in my work is to have had the
opportunity to be part of and shape transplant programs
at great institutions. I was at Cleveland Clinic for 19 years before I came to Johns Hopkins, where I’ve been for five years. And at each institution I’ve
really had the opportunity to help shape some of
the infectious disease protocols that protect our patients, our most fragile and
immunocompromised patients, from devastating infections. What advice would I give to my colleagues? I think it’s very important when I’m seeing a patient in consultation to think not only of the single episode of infection that I’m
treating at that time, but to view this as part of a trajectory or a continuum over time for that patient. A question I frequently
like to ask to the patient is, “When did you last really feel well?” You’d be surprised at
some of the answers we get and that gives you a much larger picture of the patient’s world and the place of this episode of infection in it. In receiving this award I really feel that the award is for our entire
team here at Johns Hopkins, and the way we work together. And I feel it is such a privilege to be a part of this and to learn from these wonderful people
who I work with every day. (uplifting piano music)

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