2017 Best Consulting Physician at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center – Matthew Kashima, M.D.

(upbeat piano music)>>Communication is very
important to what I do. As a consultant, I’m receiving
consultation requests from other providers
both within the hospital and outside of the hospital, and if I can’t know what
they’re asking me to do and then respond to them with
the appropriate information, we haven’t served the patient very well. It’s also important that I
communicate that information back to the patient, so
they know what I’m thinking, what the plan is and what
the next steps will be. So what I’m most proud of in my work is the team that I get to work with. And that includes everybody,
both within the hospital, from the parking attendants
when people are arriving, to the front staff, to my clinic
staff, to my office staff, to the other physicians that I work with. As a consultant physician,
other providers are very important to what I do. Additionally, the patients
and their families are part of that team,
that healthcare team, that’s important in making
that patient get better and deal with the problem that
they’re coming to see me for. As a consultant I think it’s
very important to be available and know that we’re here
to help the patients as the paramount objective that we have. And that means working with our colleagues and sometimes that means being available when it’s inconvenient, when
you’re on call from home, or when you’re otherwise
scheduled to do something. If there’s a patient that has a need and you’re being asked to
provide something for them, that means we have to stop
what we’re doing and do that. And that’s part of what
makes the job so exciting, because you never know
what’s going to happen. As a teaching institution, we’re involved in educating people. Educating our patients and their families, educating the residents,
the staff, but also the consulting providers as well, who may have questions
about specific things that I’m more expert in. And that communication and education is really paramount to what we do. And always remember that someone who’s asking you a question,
they’re asking you a question not because they want to be difficult but because they want an answer and they’re looking for your expertise. (gentle music)

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