2016 Unit of Distinction – Lawnwood Regional Medical Center

(gentle music) – Patient safety is the epitome of what we do here at Lawnwood. Putting the patient first, their needs, their outcomes, their experiences. And the 5th floor receiving
their Unit of Distinction, they epitomize that. – They’ve shown what you can do when you focus on having a project, and being able to work as a
team and meeting that goal. – In our department, we
use a lot of communication. I think without communication,
there’s always a barrier for anything that you want to achieve. We get together, not only in our huddles, but little discussions in the unit, to talk about challenges
and what we should do so that we can meet the
patient’s expectations. – This group of nurses,
they work together. There’s no friction. They’re always there helping each other, helping the patient, helping the doctor. I think that’s what makes this unit the Unit of Distinction. – The characteristics of the unit, dedicated, passionate, patient centered. Eager learners. – They’re always there smiling,
with an enthusiastic manner. They’re not complaining. – Every day we work towards
the patient’s safety, patient care, patient experience and I think that’s why
we attained that goal. – I personally think that this award has given us a lot of opportunity to improve on our patient care. It made us work together better. It made us closer as a unit and it made us proud on every little step that we achieved to attain the award. (gentle music)

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