2016 Physician of the Year – Harry Bigham, Jr., M.D., Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

[MUSIC] I’d have to say that
the development and expansion of this group is
actually what I’m most proud of. I’ve probably got now more than 17
years invested in the expansion of the group before Hopkins. And then since Hopkins
have actually integrated several practices with us, incorporating all kinds of different
subspecialties in cardiology. And what we have now, the increase
to access in Montgomery County, to quality care, the integration
with Hopkins, I’d say it’s been challenging but it’s been very
satisfying to put that all together. I mean, obviously, I think that
medicine is a very gratifying job, and I think most people have
a sense of accomplishment doing it. But if you’re really gonna enjoy
medicine, the practice of medicine today, and really have joy in what
you do, there’s probably four things that I’d like to tell
people to pay attention to. And I think number one is you have
to take care of your family first. Then I would say that you have to
take care of your patients as best you can and stay up to date on
the medicine which we all enjoy, and that’s usually not a challenge. You have to take care of yourself. I think a lot of people forget
themselves in the midst of working so hard. And I think you have to take care of
your mental and physical health, and that just makes you and
allows you be a better doctor. And then finally I think, today with
all the changes that are happening, you have to stay involved and
informed in what’s going on. And that means that in the
healthcare system, in the hospitals you’re involved in, you have to be
much more involved in that today. And I think if you do those four
things, if you pay attention to those four things,
you’re gonna really enjoy your job. Which I think, those of us who love
this job realize you need all of those to make you a good doctor. [MUSIC]

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