2015 Best Consulting Physician at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center – David Meyerson, J.D., M.D.

(title music)>>I had wonderful,
wonderful cardiology training here at Hopkins. Then I left for just a
few years, came back, and I’ve been here since 1991. So I’m a dinosaur, along
with some of the other wonderful long-term committed
people here in Cardiology. The things that really contribute
to an individual success are the people around us. This award really should go to people like Dr. Nisha Chandra Strobos,
who has led this division in a humanistic way through
very tough fiscal times with two wonderful, wonderful
colleagues that have been here, some for 25 and 30 years as well. Especially to the PAs,
nurse practitioners, the medical assistants and
the assistants in clinic who are just, without them
we could not function. I would say always listen
to your inner compass. In the zone defense of life, you control not what’s outside your zone, but you control what happens in your zone. You have to advocate for people who cannot advocate for themselves. We have to go that extra
mile for the patient. The patient, believe
it or not, is our boss. I tell patients whether they’re
paying me out of pocket, or whether their insurance
company is paying, I am their employee. I owe them explanations
for what’s going on. I owe them care and compassion. Deliver nothing less.

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