20 Pictures Of Hospital Meals Around The World

20 pictures of hospital meals around the
world being in the hospital is never fun aside from being ill or injured there
are a ton of other unpleasantries you’re being poked and prodded you’re not able
to sleep in your own bed and you have to endure the dreaded and disgusting
hospital food prepackaged frozen and gross that’s usually what comes to mind
when you’re thinking of hospital fare Internet users around the world have
shared photos of their hospital meals and to be honest a lot of them don’t
look so bad some entrees on this list look like
they’re from actual restaurants some of the pictures of meals in this video from
different countries around the world are just as you’d expect them to be if not
worse now keep watching to see what patients have eaten in hospitals around
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new videos number 20 Poland what do people go to Poland for
Polish sausage of course by the looks of this photo you’re not going to eat any
appetizing kielbasa in the hospital dinner is served
bread and butter with a side of chunked cucumber and sausage if you know
anything about Polish people and Polish food it’s that they love their carbs in
their sausage considering how delicious Polish meals are this hospital meal is a
travesty a piece of bread a tiny bit of sausage and cucumber this isn’t even
enough to fill up a mouse this meal does not live up to the amazing food Poland
has to offer number 19 Malvern Australia now this
looks like something you could stomach Australian hospitals must have some
talented chefs or some impressive frozen food suppliers this dish is salmon
patties with saffron cream sauce a parsnip soup and yogurt banana cake now
this is a place I wouldn’t mind being sick in this fancy Hospital meal looks
like something straight out of a restaurant sign me up
number 18 Sydney Australia this one’s not quite as fancy as the previous
Australian hospital meal the patient has a prepackaged pumpkin soup bowl peas
mashed potatoes and a pile of slop that’s apparently supposed to be apricot
chicken it doesn’t look anywhere near as
appealing as the meal from before this one but it’ll do wondering what a
hospital meal looks like in the good old sunny California well you might be
surprised the meals that they serve in hospitals in California are not as
glamorous as you may think they are so stick around until the end of the video
to see what they are number 17 Germany what would a German meal be without some
schnitzel even in the hospitals in this country it’s served to you this
particular meal comes with a side of dumpling noodles salad and a cake for
dessert it may not be the fanciest of meals but it sure does look good I’d eat
it all up no problem number 16 Tokyo Japan hey
where’s the sushi while Japanese hospitals don’t seem to serve any raw
fish to their patients they do serve yummy miso soup rice pickles and chicken
you would think countries like Japan would serve sushi but it looks like they
don’t number 15 Osaka Japan sill no sushi but
this hospital meal does seem a lot more traditional for Japan if you didn’t know
any better you’d think this was from an actual restaurant number 14 Norway no
that’s not a hockey puck this is just a bunless hamburger if you want a bun
you’ll have to make do with a side of bread and butter they provide here note
to self never end up in a Norwegian hospital this looks like a pretty
depressing meal I mean would this fill anyone up I guess if you’re sick and end
up in the hospital in Norway you’ll just have to deal with the hunger on your own
because the hospital kitchen staff certainly won’t do anything about it
number 13 Malaysia while there aren’t any healthy veggies on this plate this
meal does look like something you’d order for take-out yummy it may be but
healthy it is not this totally looks like something most people would order
on a Friday or Saturday night it looks extra greasy and extra delicious not
sure if it’s exactly the type of meal a hospital should be serving to its
patients but it sure does look good send me this country right now number 12
France okay sign me up for this hospital stay in France preferably something
minor this meal looks like something you would have to get at a French restaurant
this three-course meal started with fish salad had a main course of chicken and
courgette and finished with a slice of pie for dessert this hospital dish is
drool-worthy from the meal to the salad to the giant
piece of bread this meal looks absolutely delicious and don’t even get
me started on that delectable slice of cake what’s a person got to do to wind
up in a hospital in France number 11 South Korea with a wide variety to
choose from at a Children’s Hospital this meal looks like it’s fit for a
parent and their child there are lots of healthy options on the tray to ensure
kids are getting their nutrients number ten Massachusetts USA the good
old United States one of the best countries around the world right
hospital food can go one of two ways in North America this option is on the
healthy side there’s an appetizing salad full of leafy greens berries and goat
cheese along with a side of chicken soup number nine Russia the look of this meal
is enough to make you gag it’s hard to tell if this is supposed to be breakfast
with that oatmeal looking slop or lunch with that slice of mystery meat if
there’s one thing that’s certain it’s that I definitely do not want to get
sick in Russia number eight Sweden Swedish meatballs are not on the menu at
the hospital in this country rather they serve something a little more flavorful
and give this patient chicken curry with a side of fruit presentation could use
some work but you can’t judge a book by its cover
can you number seven Canada Canada the country known for hockey and politeness
sadly it doesn’t look like there’s any poutine or maple syrup on this plate
instead this Canadian hospital stuck to the healthy stuff serving steamed rice
with sweet and sour pork and bok choy come on Canadian hospitals it’s time to
step up your game and add some of your classic dishes how could you not serve
poutine at a Canadian Hospital okay it might not be one of the healthiest
dishes but it sure is delicious number six Indonesia the patient who got
this for dinner in an Indonesian hospital said it was surprisingly good
it’s a well balanced meal of noodles chicken eggs and rice porridge this
hospital knows what it takes to get their patients back on their feet
number five Britain now this doesn’t look too bad but how does it taste is
the real question it looks like this patient skipped over the cauliflower
cheese dish and baked beans for minestrone soup mashed potatoes and beef
onion pastry number four the Netherlands this meal looks pretty appetizing and we
agree here he had white fish and green beans with mashed potatoes
number three to buy okay seriously is this food from a five-star resort or a
hospital judging from the view in the background
it is in fact a hospital check out the fancy floral touch along with this fancy
breakfast the patient also posted that he received meals like pork tenderloin
with a mango salsa this is totally what most people think of when they think of
Dubai a lavish lifestyle and amazing food just another day in the life of
someone living in Dubai number 2 Qatar now this is exactly what everyone thinks
of when they think hospital food a questionable looking meal divided up
into a plastic container despite what it looks like the patient posted that the
meal was actually good now that you know what meals look like in hospitals from
various places around the world here’s what meals look like in la-la land
considering how glamorous and beautiful most people consider California to be
you may be surprised by the less than glamorous approach hospitals in
California take when it comes to food number one California USA now here’s the
unhealthy side aren’t Californians supposed to be known for healthy
lifestyles and green juice and avocados apparently not for the patients at this
hospital what goes better with health issues than
a nice greasy burger and fries so while burgers and french fries are
greasy and delicious it’s not exactly what you would expect out of California
right what types of meals have you had at hospitals in different countries
before and which meal from this video do you think was the most surprising one
let us know in the comments section below
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12 thoughts on “20 Pictures Of Hospital Meals Around The World

  1. What types of meals have you had at a hospital in a different country before? And which meal from this video do you think was the most surprising one? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. I’ve got a pic from when I was in the hospital for my total thyroidectomy. If you like I can show you in an email.

  3. I live at n the UK and meals in hospital can be a bit or miss on the national health service I had once in a diabetic ward a pie with beans slapped on top it was gross and tasted clinical yuck.

  4. Was in the hospital this past summer for heart surgery. Hospital was located in New Jersey just outside of New York City. Despite the fact that I was on a restricted diet for heart patients, the food was not bad. Wish I could say the same for my roommates.

  5. Almost all of those hospital foods looked good, except like two or three of them. I was in the hospital in Raleigh,North Carolina for 8 days because of Pancreaitis and I was told that the hospital was private. The hospital food comes from the cafe which has great food and a good menu. Patients can order what they want as long as it is on their list of food and/or drinks to eat.
    I had to have water and ice chips the first few days, but then they let me have juices and soft foods like Italian Ice, Sherbet, soup, and jello. The soup was okay and they make great salads. I also ate some eggs and egg whites which were not too great either, but it was on my list of allowed foods.
    I have not been in a hospital in another country, but I hope I never do. The only two Caribbean islands I have been to are Antigua and Montserrat. I did get sick while on Montserrat, but I did not need to go to a hospital because I got better. I did have to go to a hospital for a few hours outside of Orlando, Florida for food poisoning and a Urinary Tract Infection, but I got the prescription medications and then they released me.

  6. Well if you don't like hospital food just have a friend bring you something better. It is easy to sneak in. I remember getting a burger and a burrito, and a couple edibles, it was the best. I was so high and relaxed, this one nurse had pretty sweet tits and then a couple days later I saw this nurse with a beautifully plump perfect ass, just hugging her scrubs, I was about to say hey babe let me put my tongue or cock in that and I will be healed and we can save all this other stuff, but I didn't, oh well maybe next time.

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