2 injured in shootout at medical clinic

we begin here at five o’clock with that breaking news shots fired during a robbery at a medical clinic a patient of that clinic and one of the accused robbers injured in the shootout good evening thanks for joining us I’m bill by Elsa and I’m Christine Noel that violent robbery happened just after 2 o’clock at a physical therapy office on pebble-bed Drive near FM 1960 and TC jester which is where we find our Brandon Walker now with details Brandon indeed bill and Christine the parking lot here remains taped off as this crime scene enters its third hour the search continues for the gunman – who we are told came in demanding money but left with one of them shot in the torso I’ll get some more on that in a moment but first investigators say three men wearing masks walked into the physical therapy office at around 2:15 here at the 14,000 block of pebble bend drive that’s near FM 1960 and TC gesture those men ordered everyone inside including patients to the floor demanding money officials say what they didn’t know though is that an employee had a gun and fired shooting one of those robbers in the torso the Sheriff’s Office says the men shot back and in the process a patient was grazed in the leg they ran off to a getaway car each drivers waiting they sped off sheriff’s deputies are now combing area hospitals in an attempt to find them so we’re asking hospitals in the area to be on the lookout for anyone who might come in with gunshot wounds and reported to law enforcement immediately so there is a dead awake getaway car it is described as a newer model black Nissan or Honda we asked about surveillance video investigators tell us that they’re working to recover that to get a better description of the gunman once we get that we will be sure to pass it on to you though for now we are live in North Harris County I’m Brandon Walker KPRC Channel 2 News

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