2 Gentle Stretches to Reduce Knee Pain

Hi, my name is Dan Bartholomew. I’m a physical therapist in the outpatient physical therapy clinic here at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Today, I’m going to talk about exercises to help improve knee extension range of motion. Every knee problem is different and requires a specific approach, so when performing any exercises it’s always a good idea to consult your physical therapist or doctor to see if those exercises are right for you. Knee extension is your ability to fully straighten your knee when you’re standing and walking, which is very important because when your knee is not fully extended it can create pressure in your hip and your back. The first exercise we’re going to go through is a stretch to help improve your knee extension. One helpful tip is if you’re wondering if
you’re lacking knee extension, sit in this position that Marc’s in right now and if you look
at your knees and one knee is higher than the other; that knee is lacking knee extension and that’s the one that you need to work on. With this stretch, we’re going to be stretching the calf. Some of the calf muscles insert above the knee so if those muscles are tight they can keep your knee bent and limit knee extension. And I repeat, gently. If you push down too aggressively you can cause increased knee pain. In this exercise we’re going to work on
a patient’s ability to actively straighten their knee. And like the other exercise, should be performed pain free.

55 thoughts on “2 Gentle Stretches to Reduce Knee Pain

  1. That explains why i feel pain in mu back after standing for a while… Whats your advise for the back of the knee pain sir…? The top of the calf is so tight

  2. I’m a sprinter but a beginner but my knee hurts like hell at practice I can’t have my knee hurting at the track meet

  3. Thanks for your knowledge Dan……one stretch on each leg helps me……………………………………….

  4. Hi Dan, please suggest me how to treat the pain on the inner side of the knee caused due to running after one year. I am suffering from it and even I use my finger and knock the inner side of knee I feel terrible pain. Please help.
    Hope to hear from you

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  6. My knee hurts like hell when I run. Or when I bent it. It really sucks when I’m at school and wanna run or something, hopefully this tips help me.

  7. too many thank.. i have knee short tendon from a neorologegical case when I was a child… how can i strech then (tendons behind my knees). i am 46 years old…

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  9. I’m 14 years old but my knee hurts when I stretch it or when I put it down on the floor it’s not that bad but I’m scared I can’t even step on the right side it’s hurts only when I stretch or walk on that side, HELP!!!

  10. So I had knee stiffness out of no where (I am only 13 and this happened after I did squats) and after these exercises after only 2 days I could dance again without pain. NOTE: it was not serious pain so it won’t always work in 2 days

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  21. My left knee feels like the meniscus has been dug into by the bone and now my bone feels like a turtle poking its head out it’s shell lmao

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  23. Ok so here is the thing, i was acting dumb doing so trick then my knee popped and tbh it hurts alot when i step with that one leg can anyone tell me what my case might be? Maybe a broken bone, or…. please someone help :/

  24. I was just looking for this. I am very satisfied with this presentation. Thanks for this great informative video.

  25. Nice, the second exercise is a modified version of a TKE (terminal knee extension). Your knee is the train and your upper and lower leg is the tracks, unless car wreck type accident, its the tracks not the train.

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