1st year Pharmacy at Curtin: Josh’s story

I started uni studying engineering but I found
that it wasn’t for me. I enjoy my casual job in a busy community
pharmacy and this inspired me to study pharmacy. Hi, I’m Josh, and I’m in my first year of Pharmacy at Curtin University. What excites me about pharmacy is the opportunity to meet new people every day
and being in a position to manage their health, getting them back to work and
back to the things they have to do, and the things they love to do. In first year I have classes with other health sciences students and I’m learning how we can work together to help our patients. I’m starting to see how that sort of collaboration
leads to the best possible care for patients having a better idea of the possibilities
when it comes to referrals, or following up advice the patient has received from other
health professionals. There’s a great real-world emphasis here
at Curtin and many of the staff are practising pharmacists themselves.
They obviously realise the importance of being available to students on a day-to-day basis. There’s also a great student mentor program. Having someone who is further along in the
course to guide you is invaluable from pointing out the best spots for eats, to passing on the best way to prepare for lab reports. I’m still new to Pharmacy at Curtin but,
so far, I’m loving it. I’m impressed with the facilities I’ve
already been able to use in first year. And as we move into second year, the focus
is on the science of it all and I’m really looking forward to learning that. The journey to completing my Bachelor of Pharmacy at Curtin has just begun, but it’s really
encouraging to see that the start is going so well.

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