10 Unexplained Medical Conditions

ten terrible unexplained medical
conditions number ten shut-eye until 15 years ago
auntie Nathalie Adler lived on normal life until one day at 17 years old she
woke up with extremely swollen eyelids what seemed like a case of severe
conjunctivitis then snow balled as her eyelids began closing at random
intervals for varying periods at a time now eventually they settled into a
bizarrely specific routine of three days where Adler wasn’t able to open her eyes
followed by three days of normal functioning important to note that
during these close days Adler’s eyes are entirely closed say for a small slit in
her left eye in the 15 years since its onset Adil has seen over 40 different
specialists not a single one has been able to diagnose or explain the medical
phenomenon and that Elise appears to be the only case of this ever recorded this
has included several unsuccessful surgeries which have resulted in 99% of
the muscles in her eyelids being removed to prevent them closing this has
rendered Adler legally blind and required her to undergo regular Botox
injections to keep her eyes partially open despite all this medical
intervention though Atlas still experiences these bouts of
self-inflicted blindness at least once and months number 9 HS a.m. if we had
the option to which probably all like to find a way to feel less pain by
definition it’s not a great feeling but some doubted Lea a useful one as you
discover when you suffer from h SI m hereditary sensory autonomic neuropathy
is a rare condition that inhibits your ability to feel pain as was the case for
Gabby’s ingres her parents realized something was amiss when Gabby had a
tooth knocked out as a child and didn’t seem to realize the rest of her teeth
also had to be removed after Gabby bit her tongue so much she wasn’t able to
drink through the swelling she also lost her left eye after scratching her own
cornea so badly and today is legally blind all of this because she cannot
feel any pain Gabby has been in frequent battles with insurance companies who
refused to pay for surgeries incurred by her inability to feel pain in 2004 her
parents form the ominously named charity a gift of pain they’ve located around 40
people who believe they have the condition – although
causes the genetic mutation that results in the condition remains unclear to this
day number eight foreign accent syndrome
shortly after the Second World War Norwegian neurologist gh Mon rad Crone
studied one of the earliest recorded cases are foreign accent syndrome as you
may well have guessed from the name this stripped the patient of a Norwegian
accent and left her with a German one in its place now historically this wasn’t
the best time to have a German accent and the strange condition placed her on
the end of frequent anti German abuse but unfortunately she could not be cured
because the affliction is so rare that there’s no consensus on what causes it
in fact researchers believe that only around 16 legitimate cases have ever
been recorded the unusual condition affects victims have head trauma but
most commonly after strokes it occurs when brain damage affects the speech
centers of the brain but the exact protis is a mystery to experts it’s
believed that this neurological damage impairs the ability to make subtle
muscle movements in the jaw tongue lips and larynx the result is a pronunciation
that mimics the sound of a recognizable accent but so far this is just one of
many questionable theories number seven progeria progeria has somewhat jokingly
been titled the Benjamin Button disease after the fictional character who ages
backwards kind of a stupid nickname really because in the real world the
sufferers of the rare genetic condition only age in one direction and far too
quickly progeria is caused by random mutation in the lamin a gene which
results in severe hardening of the arteries at an early age this manifests
in the afflicted suffering from symptoms of aging from just a few months old
the usual onset is between 9 to 24 months resulting in a small stature hair
loss and a host of internal symptoms like kidney failure and cardiovascular
problems the gene is rarely inherited because children with progeria lived to
about 13 years old an average and typically don’t live to produce children
but despite this the condition affects roughly 1 in 18 million births with an
estimated 200 people living with the condition worldwide that’s because it’s
unclear what causes the genetic mutation that leads to progeria
in fact until 2003 research hunt even identified a gene responsible for the
condition but since its discovery researchers who get to find an effective
treatment for those diagnosed number six music induced seizures for
some sufferers of epilepsy certain pieces of music have been shown to help
control the onset of epileptic seizures but for Stacy Gale she lived in constant
fear of music and the effect it would have on her Galya had her first seizure
in 2005 at age 22 and doctors had no idea what had caused it but in 2006
seizures reached a peak of around 10 a day and Gail spotted a possible pattern
that’s because in 2006 Jamaican dancehall artist Sean Paul was at the
top of the charts with his song temperature do you remember that one
right Gale took her ipod to the doctors to
test out the theory and lo and behold after she listened to the song she had
three seizures for obvious reasons Gale never managed to make her flight to
Jamaica that was scheduled the next day not a joke that’s actually real
medication was unsuccessful but eventually a brain surgery appeared to
cure Gale who hasn’t seized since but the exact cause of what’s known as music
eugenic epilepsy remains unknown it’s believed to be emotional with even a
thought of a song able to cause seizures in the roughly one in ten million people
who suffer from this best steer clear of Sean Paul just in case I think number
five putrid finger in 1991 an unnamed 24 year
old had a bizarre sleeping beauty Eska moment when he pricked his finger and
changed his life forever however in this case the offending object was a
particularly pointy bit of chicken bone and instead of falling asleep until true
love’s kiss he just smelled a lot and no one knew why the cards the man received
from the chicken bone soon got infected but instead of the typical symptoms the
man’s entire arm began to emit a foul smell supposedly this smelled was so bad
it could be smelled across a large room and made treating him smaller
examination rooms almost impossible that’s according to a paper published in
the medical journal The Lancet in 1996 meaning the putrid infection lasted at
least five years in all this time antibiotics have no effect and no one
could diagnose the infection with the paper itself appealing for help from
other physicians luckily though when New Scientist
magazine contacted the man’s dermatologist dr. Peter Holt in 2008 he
revealed that the infection had just cleared up of its own accord summer
looks like we’ll never learn the cause just be careful with your chicken next
number four Morgellons disease Morgellons is a relatively young disease
having only been named in 2001 this was after American Mary Leto examined her
son’s complaint of sores in the sensation of bulks crawling beneath them
through a microscope Leto found strange fibers of different colors protruding
from her son’s skin her nonprofit Morgellons Research Foundation has since
found just under 15,000 families in which someone is afflicted even folk
singer Joni Mitchell has spoken out about the terrorist disease that she
also suffers from which makes it all the more strange that in the eyes of the
medical community Morgellons doesn’t even exist in
standard doctors diagnosed delusions of parasitosis a psychiatric condition
where the patient believes that they have an infestation of parasites they
ant ravit the spread of the diagnosis to mass hysteria spurred on by the Internet
but so far no study has been able to explain the fibers coming from the sores
in 2006 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied 115 people with
Morgellons and found that most of the fibers were cotton suggesting they may
have come from clothes but this strange affliction clearly needs more research
number 3 aquagenic urticaria Minnesota table IV Angermann hold an unfortunate
accolade in the medical world the two-year-olds doctors believed her to be
the youngest person ever diagnosed with the condition known as aquagenic
urticaria this rare affliction is more commonly known as a water allergy and
transforms every facet of life for those who suffer from it
while those diagnose can thankfully still drink water its contact with their
skin that results in itchy rashes and hives this can be so extreme that the
sufferers own tears and sweat can result in itchy red skin especially around the
neck and upper body this makes washing a painful hurried
ordeal but treating it was almost impossible because no one knows why it
happens according to a 2001 South Korean study fewer than 100 cases have ever
been reported with allergy charity the anaphylaxis campaign placing the number
as low as 35 these cases have been onset from things like tonsillitis but
typically arise from nothing at all boaters believe the allergy is something
to do with histamine levels but antihistamines have only ever succeeded
in reducing symptoms and never cured the socially debilitating ailment number 2
exploding head syndrome getting diagnose with exploding head
syndrome is probably one of the most terrifying things you can hear from a
doctor but actually it’s not the horror movie affliction the name suggests
instead it’s a disorder in which the sufferer perceives sudden loud noises
like gunshots cymbal crashes and bomb explosions when they’re going to sleep
or waking up this is not accompanied by pain or an exploding cranium but is a
distressing event that can even lead to heart palpitations and other
cardiological issues as a result the flashing of light some sufferers also
experience has been used to suggest that EHS could be behind a lot of claims of
alien abduction and demonic possession EHS can occur once in your lifetime or
be a regular occurrence but scientists estimate to place the number of those
affected as high as 10% of the population but despite the higher
current we don’t really know that much else about the condition those that
suffer typically report high levels of stress but for obvious reasons it’s hard
to discern whether or not the condition itself is caused by stress or if the
ignition just causes a lot of stress itself
number one epidermidis play chef Erica formas epidermidis plate Evora
performace is commonly referred to as tree man disease that’s owing to the
excess of bark like wart clusters that plague those affected by the condition
according to doctors these growths aren’t painful in themselves but can
build to an excessive weight pulling on the skin the condition also raises the
patient’s odds of skin cancer not to mention the emotional impact of
society’s response for one of the most famous sufferers DD Kawara this saw
locals accused him of being cursed his wife of 10 years left him with their two
children Santikos whare died at age 45 because there’s no cure for the disease
the only treatment is frequent surgeries to remove the growths but the cause is
unclear making treatment difficult sufferers have to have to of normal
genes passed down one to each parent which makes their immune system
susceptible to HPV infections although no one is sure why over 70 HPV subtypes
cause warts and easy stops the body from naturally inhibiting their growth
leading to roughly 600 cases of the skin disease since 1922 but despite these
cases we don’t appear any closer to a cure so that was ten terrifying
unexplained medical conditions which one shocked you the most let me know in the
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