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  1. If the design of Danvers looks familiar but you don't know why, Dennis O'Neil and Irv Norvvick used it as the inspiration for the building which debuted in Batman 258 in November 1974, Arkham Asylum.

  2. Am I the only one who noticed there were 2 skulls on Matt's shirt there are upside down ??
    There could be a whole line but I've only seen two as of yet.
    Like if you did or did not figure it out.

  3. Beechworth asylum is actually located in the town of Beechworth in the state of Victoria Australia 😀 not the town of victoria Australia

  4. Did they name it the Ha-Ha walls because that's how the evil asylum owner laughed at the patients when they tried to climb the walls?

  5. I can’t even imagine being diagnosed as someone crazy and you’re really not but the more you try to convince them you aren’t, the crazier you sound! Smh

  6. Still haven't seen Penn State. GH did that one and had some of the best footage of ghosts caught on film. Was a soldier, had #2 on his hat. Don't remember which episode.

  7. Would have been even better if you had some "spirit photos" to go along with the stories.
    Either way, love your content Matt.

  8. Holy Crap!!!! I live RIGHT around the corner from the Wolfe Manor lol or well when it was still there, there are SOOOO many stories about it!!! So awesome 😁😁😁

  9. I'm from Mass. Salem is still Salem. I encourage everyone to visit Salem. Its very sad but if you do visit please do so with respect. Don't bother looking for Danvers State Hospital either. It suffered a fire back in the early 2000s. It has since been torn down and turned into condos.

  10. I live in Vienna but I have never heard that the Narrenturm is supposed to be haunted. I have heard some things about the crime museum though.

  11. I was hoping the asylum that I live by would be on this list. It’s in Athens Ohio. I have seen you and others report on it before.

  12. Thrown into a psych hospital for preggo out of wedlock? Wow wth is that about….meanwhile the wealthy were doing servants and getting them knocked up…then just ignoring them or not helping…..off with their heads!!!! Lol (not a funny subject) those poor less fortunate (rich) were used and abused at will….sickening …

  13. Point of clarification Waverly Hills Sanitorium was not a psychiatric hospital. It was purely a tuberculosis hospital and had a fairly good reputation despite the massive outbreak. After it closed in 1961 it was repurposed and renamed WoodHaven Medical Services which was a geriatrics hospital but basically a nursing home while it deal with some people that suffered from pervasive developmental delays it mostly housed older adults with dementia and the physically handicapped. So it still technically wasn’t a psychiatric hospital.

  14. Thanks for the captions! I am not hard of hearing but I have an easier time processing visuals than audio. I put on closed captions whenever possible so this made my watching experience much more enjoyable 🙂

  15. Ok so maybe the “ghost” and “apparition” rumors were spread by- and hear me out- people who weren’t mentally stable… just a thought. The power of persuasion is extremely strong. If you go into a building believing it’s haunted, every creaky floor board is gonna cause ur imagination to go amuck

  16. If I ever had the money I'd build mount massive asylum and have people done up like in the games and open it and allow people to enter it and go through it like in the actual game (visitors would obviously not recieve the same injuries miles upsher and waylon park received, also no visitor would get thrown around by chris walker), but they would be given a camera with night vision

  17. The Trans-Allegheny (Al-eh-{hard g}-EE-nEE) has been under restoration for a few years now. I went with my AP Psych class 4 years ago, and it was so amazing. You aren’t allowed in the tuberculosis building though because they use it as a haunted house

  18. 🎤🎼🎸🥁 If you like music and history, check out SANATORIUM by SUNBLIND LION from Wisconsin. It is a concept album about the SANATORIUM in Plymouth Wisconsin. A friend of mine wrote the lyrics based on facts. It's on Pandora. 💞

  19. how could charles manson have died in 2017 but is haunting an asylum that closed in 94….that doesnt add up, if you said he was haunting a prison, sure i could believe that but really?? lol

  20. I interned at Springfield Hospital Center which was created in much the same style as many of these places. It still provides psychiatric care but only uses some of the buildings though; it’s got plenty of abandoned buildings that look straight out of this video. Even has a graveyard that has stones with numbers on them; presumably, these correspond with a record somewhere that indicates who was buried there.

  21. I live in Victoria Australia and I’ve got family that live 40 minutes drive from Beechworth Asylum and me and a few friends did the sleep over ghost tour where you get to play with equipment and do your own investigating with a guide near by I can defiantly confirm the place is creepy as hell and there’s defiantly weird stuff going on there even my sceptical ex believes it’s haunted and now believes in the paranormal after the sleep over we did there 😂

  22. Don't even joke.
    Mum was a registered nurse; at Caboolture hospital they had to shut down an entire ward due to government budget cuts, but they still used it as storage for medical supplies.
    Hospital staff started drawing straws for who would have to make the trip.

  23. my school went to the beechworth asylum and there is a lot of things you can learn there and yes I see the white figure

  24. Thank you so much for this. It's been a while since I've seen a top 10 video, and this was definitely at the top of my Top 10 list of scariest videos.

  25. Looks like Dallas didn't find all the errors! Beechworth Asylum isn't in the town of Victoria. It's in the town of Beechworth in the Australian STATE of Victoria! There is no town named Victoria in Australia.

  26. I want to take LSD in a haunted insane asylum but sadly, i dont know where to find one.

    I typed that within the first minute, had no idea LSD would be mentioned in the video hahaha

  27. Damn this dude’s channel has really died. 6.9 million subscribers but can’t even get a million views on any videos anymore

  28. Great video, Matt!

    Fwiw, Waverley Hills actually treated the tuberculosis patients incredibly well. Yes, they practiced things now thought inhumane as that's all they knew.
    Many people I've read speak of their relatives' experiences as being very positive. The nurses & caretakers often gave their own lives to make their patients lives as comfortable as possible. I've never read anything negative.

    When it switched to an asylum, that's another story altogether. The patients were known to be mistreated, abused in very horrific ways, left in filth & had no chance.

    It's heartbreaking in both cases, but for very different reasons.😢💔

  29. why are most of your videos so dark now?
    i really love your spirit, however all the dark content is really disconcerting.
    im truly sorry if this is all you channel has come to.

  30. Whittingham as in Lancashire, UK? My late boyfriend broke in to do some photography with some friends and he always said he felt chills that day and hated his time there doing urbex photography. I'm sure it's been knocked down and houses have been built there.

  31. Look up sunland in Tallahassee Florida. It was a TB hospital and then converted into a mental hospital. They did all kinds of experiments on patients. When I was a kid and moved to Florida it was shut down for awhile but there were many people who took illegal tours and we heard many stories. When passing by it, before reading about what it was, I got a cold feeling. It was full of asbestos and ghosts and it took them forever to tear it down. But it’s down now and there is an apartment complex where the haunted hospital stood. I wonder if the apartments are haunted now.

  32. Bro try to tackle V2K or voice to skull mind control that CIA use to turture more people in all over the world.. Plz try to tackle it.. im your solid subscriber more vids to come tnx..😎👍👍

  33. I'm from Australia I've been to the beechworth Asylum I love it so much walked around the whole place people looking at me

  34. Why does no one know about fairfield hills hospital. It's no longer around but the times I went there, I experienced so many things because it was being torn down and replaced by a campus… the spirits were not happy about it. They were everywhere.

  35. A little over a year ago I spent 2 weeks in a mental hospital (not gonna go in depth over this) that was built around 1920. It has its own grave yard outside of the city limits. There was one corner in my room that was always cold. I remember hearing some random banging if I woke up in the middle of the night.

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