– Hey! I’m doctor Matt and
I’ve got the perfect cure for that headache, backache,
toothache, heartache, handshake, corn flake, tummy
ache; it’s called meth. Ride the snake! (pained groaning) Alright, well obviously I’m not a doctor, and prescribing meth sounds nuts, but there have been some insane treatments prescribed by medical experts who arguably didn’t know better, and what’s really disturbing is that these were all commonly used in the past. If a physician used any of the methods you’re going to hear about today, they’d be in jail. So, what exactly are they? Here are 10 Banned Medical Practices You Won’t Believe Existed. Number one is mercury. It definitely sounds crazy, but there was a time when people thought that the best way to treat syphilis was to ingest mercury. Side effects included losing your teeth, damage to internal
organs, or simply death. Using mercury as a cure began as early as 1500 BC in Egypt, and was believed to cure ailments, heal wounds,
and even prolong life. (laughs) It turned out
to be the exact opposite. They also used to use mercury
oilments, pills and lotions to treat all sorts of ailments, attributing the side effects and deaths to the underlying condition
the patient already had. Nowadays, we’re weary
about mercury in fish. Back then, they were drinking
it like it was an ale. Alright, give me some mercury. Yeah, I feel great. (pained grunt) Number two is radioactive water. It’s hard to believe,
but in the early 1900s radium was all the rage. Today we know that exposure
to radium causes cancer, but back then, it was used
as a cure for mental illness, diarrhea, malaria and was even thought to prevent aging due to
increased cell activity. And, what better way to get this stuff into consumer’s bodies then
to sell it as bottled water? That’s right! Radium infused water could be purchased in many stores alongside
radium infused chocolate, radioactive toothpaste, and, why not, radioactive suppositories. Up and at em. Number three is whirling chairs. Between 1850 and 1900 in an attempt to stop the practice of
restraining the mentally ill and locking them in dark cells, yes that actually happened, doctors turned to a method they genuinely thought could help, strapping patients into a chair and spinning them until
they lost consciousness. Yep. That’ll get the voices to stop. They used a simple chair
with a lever system to spin the person around. The belief was that this
would shuffle the contents of the patient’s brain
around, knocking out conditions like schizophrenia. Used alongside other
unbelievable practices like high-dose laxatives, insulin comas, and ice-water baths, it took far too long for doctors to learn that
this really wasn’t working. Just made a whole lot of vomit. Just buckets, buckets of vomit. Number four is the lobotomy. Often declared as one of
the most barbaric mistakes ever perpetrated by mainstream medicine, lobotomies involved
driving a large ice pick into a patient’s head. Follow me on this. Entering through the eye socket, the spike was pressed
into the prefrontal cortex of the brain, and then
struck with a hammer. Doctors truly believed
that, whatever the outcome, the patient would still be better off then they were pre-lobotomy. Side effects included severe brain damage or even death, which was the case with John F. Kennedy’s sister
who, after a lobotomy, was reduced mentally to an infant and never recovered. How, how did they ever think that driving an ice pick through the eye, into the brain was ever a good idea? It’s just– it’s scary stuff. Number five is the
electrical impotence cure. By the 1900s, everybody and their brother had a miracle cure for anything, and disturbingly, many of them were for male, ahem, issues down there, with your dick. Anyhoo, as fascination with
electricity was on the rise, medical practitioners turned
to it to solve impotence by shocking the hell
out of a man’s package. It was widely believed that a shock provided energy to a man’s body which he could use to
rise to the occasion. Of course, what they didn’t tell you, until after they were
paid, was that not only was there no real science involved in it, but it was incredibly painful. Dudes these days be buying these online enhancement pills, and all they really needed was a car battery and some jumper cables. Science! Number six is trepanning. The twisted cousin of lobotomy, trepanning was used for many years and involved drilling into a
mentally ill patient’s head. As one of the oldest methods of treatment, trepanning dates all the way
back to 6500 BC in France and consisted of drilling bur
holes into a patient’s skull to let the evil spirits out. (ghost noise) The mentally ill were often mistaken to be possessed by demons and, as we all know, the only way to get a
demon out of your head is to make a little hole
for it to get out of. Long after science recognized
mental illness, however trepanning was still used when
all other treatments failed, as doctors just drilled a few
holes to see what happens. Uh, science, doctors,
if I ever become ill, please, don’t treat my
head like a bowling ball. If there’s demons in
there, just let em chill. Just let em chill; I don’t want no holes. Okay? Just let em chill. They’re living and then I’ll die. I’ll die; that’s cool. I don’t want to be a Matthew
Santoro bowling ball. That’s disturbing. Number seven is bloodletting. A treatment used for over 2,000 years until the late 1800s, bloodletting was the act of draining blood from the body. Now while this is still
done is a way today, it’s nothing like it used to be. Many doctors used to believe that blood would pool in certain places and that was why people got sick. Vast quantities of it would be drained from the body for ridiculous reasons like a stuffy nose or even a headache. Obviously, this caused many deaths, but, once again,
practitioners just chalked up the loss of life to the illness itself or state of mind of the patient. Fun fact; barbers were the
most common bloodletters, and that’s the reason that
they use red and white poles. Disturbing, I know. Think about that next
time you walk by a barber. Nightmares for days. Number eight is urine therapy. Urine therapy was the practice of using one’s own pee to cure them of ailments. Sometimes, it would be
the patients own urine, but other times it was a healthy person’s or even the doctor’s. How generous. It was thought that by drinking urine or applying it around affected areas, it could help heal broken
bones, clear up strep throat, cure acne or even whiten teeth. (laughs) Don’t get any ideas. Though technically debunked,
there are some people still in the world that
claim to gain the benefits from this truly bizarre form of therapy, so careful where you go in the world because that lemonade may not be lemonade. Number nine is Mrs.
Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. Hey! Want a quick way to stop your child from throwing a temper tantrum? Well don’t worry! With Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup they’ll be calm and cool, and
halfway to a coma in no time. Sold in the early 1900s
as a remedy for children with ailments such as cold,
fever, rambunctiousness or even if a parent just
wanted to catch a quick nap, Mrs. Winslows remedy was
fast-acting mostly because it contained heroin, cannabis,
powered opium, morphine, and an insane slew of other substances. The cocktail proved
deadly to those children who didn’t mellow out, and to top it off, it was marketed to parents
of babies who were teething and thus always crying. Mom and Dad can finally relax by putting your child to sleep, forever. That was a scary time to
be alive, medical science. And number 10 the tobacco enema. Let me just say, first of
all, that all the remedies you’ve heard of today are 100% true. I am not blowing smoke up your ass. Although, if you lived in the 1700s and needed emergency, life-saving treatment, that’s exactly what they’d do. It was actually believed
that tobacco smoke could warm up a person’s body just before or immediately after death and could jump-start the respiratory system. Of course, the best place to jump-start the lungs and the heart
is through the butt, using rubber rectal tubes. Doctors claimed that this
practice would combat hernias, typhoid fever, and even headaches, and then in 1811 it was
discovered that this is really doing just way more damage than helping, and tobacco enemas were discontinued. I think the moral of
the story here, friends, is just don’t try to smoke with your butt. Just don’t smoke with your butt. Leave the anus. Don’t smoke with your butt. Yes. It’s a helpful tip. You’re welcome! And those were 10 Banned Medical Practices that actually existed. Thank you guys so much
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62 thoughts on “10 BANNED MEDICAL PRACTICES You Won’t Believe EXISTED!

  1. These are not just creepiest these are sickest.. 🤮 I'm glad that they don't have these medical things anymore.. These are sooo brutal in someway..

  2. Poor people in the olden days who were told to ingest Mercury.:-O Even touching Mercury with your bare hands is dangerous.:-O:-O:-( RIP people who have drank Radioactive water.:-O:-O:-( I don't want to get a Lobotomy.:-(:-(:-O I 'm happy that people have invented Aspirins and Liqu iGels. There is no reason to cut me if I have a headache Whew.:-)

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  4. 5:41 that’s the type of treatment that might’ve caused George Washington’s death when he had smallpox

  5. When I had my worst episode of manic depression and nothing helped, the doctor decided I should undergo ECT treatment… For those who doesn't know what it is, it's short for "Electroconvulsive therapy".
    They pressed a handlebar-shaped thing against my temples on my head and sent an electrical current through my brain, that caused epileptic seizures (after being anesthetisized).
    I did the treatment twelve times and when I woke up after the last treatment I couldn't stand up and had no idea where I was (even though I had spent my last 3 months hospitalized at the same institution) and was pushed to the emergency x-ray in a wheelchair… I regained my memory and was able to walk again a couple of hours later though, and that made me pretty happy! But was I cured? Kind of… But not thanks to being electricuted. Instead I learned to be grateful for what I have and realized I need to value myself.

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    This isn't a joke. No, I'm not admitting to taking illegal drugs nor am I an addict. I take medicine to treat my ADD and it's a LEGAL, controlled form of meth. So according to Matt, my doctors are "nuts" as they have prescribed it to me since I was eight. However, even though I'm now an adult, I still hate taking it and no, I don't get any high from it.

  8. I guess he didn't hear about the "cure" for "hysteria" in women in the old days. The reason the vibrator was invented.

  9. Trepanning is an ancient practice and is still done today in modern medicine. It’s primary function is to open a gap to give the brain a place to swell, which in the long term can actually save your life after a trauma or infection.

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