01 BETA CLINIC – Dr Sattler – Post body contouring post surgery checkup outside of Germany

I am pleased that Dr. Sattler offers this service of visiting his patients abroad. This saves me a lot of time and effort. It’s been four weeks since my operation on Dr. Sattler at the Beta Clinic. Two days ago, I was finally able to take off my corsage. I had to wear this corsage for four weeks after the surgery. It was not always easy here in the sun and with the warm temperatures. But I was very happy about the result, which i saw two days ago. I am very positively surprised. My expectations were far exceeded. I just like the fact that my body now has a very beautiful shape again. All my life I did a lot of sports to keep my body in shape. But with increasing age it’s not always easy, and if I look in the mirror now, then my body is just the way I always imagined it to be, and it makes me very happy. [Dr Sattler] I checked on the patient four weeks after the procedure to see if she is okay, whether the fat cells have healed locally. I removed fat deposits in the lower body area of the patient by liposuction. and I increased the breast volume with an autologous fat transplant. I feel much better in my body after the operation. I can get up in the morning and look in the mirror and am simply a happier and more positive person. Especially in my profession it is important that body and mind are in harmony, that one radiates joy of life, self-confidence and that’s definitely what this surgery gave me back. [Music]

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