We’re on our way to the hospital! [Peter] That’s not why! Oh! It’s our anniversary! ♬Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬I think we are ♬ Good morning! Good morning, guys. Today’s a special day! It is? [Peter laughing] We’re on our way to the hospital! [Peter] That’s not why! Oh! It’s our anniversary! I was like, what? Oh! We have been married for seven years, and if you are new around here, or you maybe just clicked on this video, we are older than we look and yes, we have been married for seven years. And we are so excited to celebrate our anniversary and that we get to be together today on our anniversary. And go to the hospital! Get a chest x-ray! Yeah, so we are headed to the hospital right now. I’m gonna have a chest x-ray and go to my cystic fibrosis clinic. And that is what we are doing and on our way to the hospital, we wanted to let you guys know about today’s sponsor for today’s video, and thank you so much to Skillshare for sponsoring today’s vlog. With January coming, nope, it is already here. [laughter] With January here, it is this renewed season of when everybody gets ambitious, and I think that’s a really good thing and I think we should harness that ambition, the start of the year ambition. And I want to hear from you guys in the comments. What are your goals for this year? Is it something silly like learning how to juggle which hey, maybe that’s not silly, maybe that’s just a really good goal. Or maybe it’s learn how to write a book. It feels like ambitious goals. Peter has decided he wants to write some more this year. There are classes, I was just on the app, actually, looking at the classes that are available so Skillshare is an online learning resource. They have classes about everything from learning how to start your own website, to running an online business or photography or videography or droning or just so many things. So, I was on their app and looking at the different classes for writing. There was a class on… I think it was 10 days of creative journaling and… One of the things I like about Skillshare is there’s a project with a lot of the classes. There’s a, like once you go through these video classes there’s a project you work on. So, with this new year of having new goals it might be a great opportunity to invest in learning a skill. So while we’re at this red light- Skillshare is offering a promotion with the start of the year where you can get three months for 99 cents. If you’re interested in trying out Skillshare you get your first three months through our link in the description. We’ll see you at clinic. [Mary] The city and the sky feels a little ominous. [Mary] Like a bit dark in places because I think we’re gonna get snow in just a couple of hours. [Mary] But it’s just gonna be some flurries so it’ll be kind of magical. [Peter] Alright, we’ve arrived at the x-ray room and [Peter] Mary goes, this is the lighting that inspired our bedroom. [Peter] Cuz we recently got those color changing lights in our bedroom. You can change these lights. [Peter] Yeah, I don’t think you can say “hey Google, change the lights” though. All right, time to change for the x-ray. Or should I do a spin? [Peter] Okay, why don’t you spin and change? Wait, which way is this gonna go? This way? [laughter] Ready? [Peter] Yep. [twinkling noise] [Peter] Awesome. [Peter] All right, x-ray is done. [Mary coughing] [Peter] Now we’re on our way to CF clinic. [Mary coughing] That moment you get to your clinic room, and you get to take your mask off and breathe! [breathes deeply] Breathing is so much easier when you don’t have a [gasps] stopping your breath. Go go go go go go go go go go go go. Keep pushing as long as you can. Nice. Keep on going. Keep pushing, keep pushing. [Mary coughing] Go go go go go go go go go go go go go. Keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing. Nice. As far as you can take it. Nice. Beautiful. [Mary coughing] Done PFTs for now. Well yeah, I mean I’m done. They are down slightly, but that’s the way that life goes. A little up, a little down. And… I just talked with the research team. There might be a research study I’m going to be starting and next my doctor will come in. Vitals, check. This is about the time when Peter starts realizing that he needs to catch up on sleep. [chuckling] Yeah. Recover from the weekend. Yeah, I don’t think I got enough sleep last night. We’ll get there. Yeah. What do you wanna do for our anniversary? I don’t know. We’re gonna, well we’re stuck here for traffic hour, so I think we’ll hang out in the city. And I think we have coupons for free cheesecake. It’s true. Because we bought a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory so maybe we will partake of some free cheesecake. Yummy. Hospital tip, don’t touch the railings. [Peter] Hospital tips with Mary. [Peter] That’s actually the wrong floor, but we can actually go that way if you want. Let’s go one more floor. [Peter] We just finished up at clinic and [Peter] took a look, well. We’ll update you later, but we’re gonna go out for our anniversary. No, do you wanna go ahead and update them? Sure, we took a look at her x-ray and no significant changes, which that was kind of the main thing we were just wanting to make sure that the lung pain Mary’s been having wasn’t anything like acute that needed attention. Yeah, it was a little more like congested, but we kind of figured that was gonna happen, but it wasn’t like oh that’s definitely the cause for the pain or whatever. Yeah. Yeah, so. Not too much to report, and we’re just gonna keep going and there might be a research study that Mary might do so. Possibly two. Yeah, we’ll see. [Peter] Mary’s… [Peter] Mary’s…[laughing] You had one job! [Peter laughing] [Peter] Mary’s admiring this Modern Art here. [Peter] So outside of the box. All right, we’re in an Uber on our way to go get some Cheesecake Factory. [smooches] One year ago we were in a limo. Not quite yet… One year ago? Seven years ago. [laughter] I was like, what did we do in a limo a year ago? Well, a year ago we were at the cabin in New York. Falling off the… Falling off the stairs. [laughing] peaceful music [record scratch and falling noises] peaceful music [Peter] Guys, look. Reminiscent of our wedding day, it’s snowing! [Mary] Ahhh! It’s snowing! And look at the pretty lights! [Peter] Look, they’re all honking cuz it’s our anniversary. Oh, if they honk that means we have to kiss. [smooches] ♬ music ♬ [laughter] I think that’s ridiculous. We walked in to the camera and said “we’re so artsy!” We’re like, let’s walk over it now! [laughter] We’re so artsy! That was a pretty magical shot, I do have to say. Hey, we should start a kiss count. Kiss count. [smooch] Woah! Haha! [laughter] [Peter] The gum under the table is not free candy, guys. [Mary] Eww! [Mary] And just to document for our own sake, we had stuffed mushrooms. This is the year we have decided to [Mary] teach ourselves to like mushrooms, so stuffed mushrooms. They were [Mary] amazing. [Mary] Then we have fried cauliflower right here. [Mary] And then they have this special that they’re offering right now that you get a bottle of Zenpep with any purchase, so that’s awesome. It’s perfect for Cystic Fibrosis patients. [Mary laughing] [Mary] Also, I just realized not only do I have one bottle of Zenpep… [Mary] I have a whole ‘nother bottle in here. Really? That’s a little excessive ♬ peaceful music ♬ Checking out that lighting. That’s a vlogger’s life. How’s the… How’s the lighting? Anyway, we are comfortably back home and so glad. Yeah. That was um fun to go out to dinner and we were like, should we go see a movie? Should we go see a show and… Like what is a show? Yeah. Some guy at the hospital was putting on his boots, and I don’t know, we started talking. This is like older man and um… I was like, it’s our anniversary today, and we thought we’d maybe go see a show in Boston but like, what do you do, and I was like what shows are there, and he was like well, it’s Monday. And I was like so? And he was like, the theaters are dark on Monday. I was like, oh. Okay, oh, that sounds so magical! Like a dark theater, and we can dance on the stage. But you gotta know people to make that sort of thing happen. True. Remember that time we went to the movies and had the theatre to ourselves? Yes, that was the best. That was fun. That was really fun. So maybe next year on a Monday… We just have to go see the worst movie. Near our anniversary, we can ask a theater in Boston if we can just come in and dance on their stage. Just the two of us. Never know. That would be fun. Well guys, thanks for celebrating our anniversary with us and coming to the hospital with us and… [Both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ And it wouldn’t be… a Frey Life vlog without ending with… the Ollie boy. ♬♬


  1. Many years ago, Peter and I decided that we were going to enjoy every minute we have together, no matter our location! So, we celebrated our 7th anniversary…ain't no hospital gonna stop us 🙂 Thanks for joining us on this journey! Let me know your goals for this year in the comments! We would like to do more writing and also learn to like mushrooms.

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    Happy to hear the lung pain want too bad of news. Happy day to you both and to Ollieboy.

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  30. My ob was there at Tarzana hospital where I delivered vaginally baby boy named Samuel Joseph Rubenstein Jan 10th just before 7 pm. She was amazing our doctor and team we had there believing I can go vaginally. Epidural didn't work first time as it wasn't placed in the right place because of my scoliosis. I had a very long labor 24 to 25 hours after my water broke on January 9th at 6 p.m. our baby boy weighs 5 lb and 13 Oz in the NICU since he arrived at 36 weeks and 6 days. My water broke at home and that it kept breaking when we got to the hospital. I labored for 11 hours before I asked for an epidural. This way I experienced both. After a scary entrance for him into the world he is doing well and healthy, a very handsome and cute boy. He looks a little bit like my husband and how is my grandfather's hazel eyes which my father has it too. He does have some hair and it's black. Tarzana Hospital partners with children's hospital and USC which provide the best NICU care. He did so well that they were able to remove breathing tube and he has right now an IV and typical monitors. Because all went well I was able to after recovery from my vaginal delivery I was able to hold him getting the skin for the first time which of course I cried. My husband and my mom helped me get through Labor and Delivery. Everything was so intense and hard that I pinched myself now I can't believe how I did all of it just to have them in my arms. They say the most precious gift after you deliver is having your baby boy. So far I am sore down there and my back hurts from the epidural. I was able to go pee the first time which wasn't so bad. The stuff that they provide you with here I Tarzana is the best. After holding him I made sure that my husband got plenty of bonding time with his son which I also teared up. Just looking at him holding our son was a very precious special moment that we both got to cherish on our first family bonding even though it was in the NICU at the hospital. The NICU team told us that everything should go well as planned and that he just has to gain weight to go out and go home. They also gave him antibiotics because you showed some signs of infection in blood work. They said it's common and as a precaution they always give them antibiotics just to be safe than sorry. He's doing very well. As soon as he is home I will do a labor and delivery story overall my channel and you can get a chance to meet him there. I'm waiting to share photos. His name is Samuel Joseph Rubenstein. The name Samuel we chose to honor my grandfather semyon and then Joseph represents my husband's grandfather name Joseph. I am looking forward to sleepless nights and motherhood. I see the kind of relationship you have with your son Axel and your daughter Abbey. It would be so nice one day to meet a person and do a double play date since we both live in the same area even though we are in different cities my baby boy is a few months old and ready to be out. Please give us a shout out to us I'm having her baby boy I'm one of your next vlogs.

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