😢in the HOSPITAL!

– What could possibly be
a better idea than jumping with tongs to try to catch a balloon? (happy music) She’s taking selfies. Alright, a few more details about our move to Puerto Rico. (dramatic music) – And it’s scary to have her
admitted into the hospital. And right now for them
to not know what’s wrong. – Lay
– Nae-Nae reading? Janae has really loved reading lately. (playing a mouth drum)
Boom-ta-da-boom-ta-da-boom-ta-boom. (singing) Stomp your feet
and clap those hands. Everybody ready for a barnyard dance. (talking really fast) Bow to
the horse, bow to the cow. Twirl with the pig if you know how. Bounce with the bunny
and strut with the duck. Spin with the little
chicken, cluck, cluck, cluck. With a baa and a moo
and a cockle-doodle-do, and a little bit of promenade two by two! Janae really likes to be able
to access her belly button. So she unzips her onesies. Alright, you get that belly button. Back to the reading dad. (talking really fast)
Trot with the turkey, leap with the frog. Take another spin with the barnyard dog. – It’s cold out, which means
we need to go to the library and get a bunch a books to snuggle up and read by the Christmas tree. Usually, I put loads of
Christmas books on hold at the library, this year
I’m not that organized. So we’re gonna see what we can find. Sports books
– Yeah. – They have these baskets here and Laura likes to carry the baskets. Or it can roll, that’s snazzy. Did you find some good books? – Yeah but now we have
to search for three more. – [Mom] You’re looking
for three more books? Okay, good luck. – Shoe-la-la.
– [Mom] Shoe-la-la, she found on the, she
had to stop and read, it looked too good to wait. Elise found a fun one. Is it teaching you lettering? – Actually drawing cool letters. – [Mom] Let’s see. – Like bubble letters.
– [Mom] Nice. You would love that, good find. – There’s a bunch of
biographies about famous people, so I’m just like looking through ’em. What? There’s a little thing about Walt Disney, can I get it?
– [Mom] Sure. This is just part of the stash, success. Well I think we have
five big bags of books. It should make for a
fun afternoon and quiet. My kids are always so
happy when we get home from the library, it’s the best. Alright, so I’ve been on
the doctor. On the doctor. I’ve been on the phone
with the doctor already this morning about Janae
and she’s been talking to a team of specialists
and they’re just trying to decide what the next step is for her. They’re supposed to know, let me know by the end of the day today, what they would like us to do next. And on of the options is
admitting her to the hospital for some testing for a couple of days. Another one would be just
going to see more specialists, some of it would be more
blood work, so I’m kind of on pins and needles waiting
for that phone call. – Well it is once again that time of year, to get our teeth cleaned and checked if we have any cavities. (happy music) So we’re waiting and I’ve
filled out a bunch of paperwork. I just realized that we’re only about a month and a half away
from you being five years old. You’re gonna be nine, Caleb will be seven. (upbeat music) What flavor are you going with? – I don’t know. – [Dentist] I’ll tell ya what we have. Chocolate, bubblegum,
mint, grape, strawberry, watermelon, birthday
cake, or cookie dough? – Cookie dough.
– [Dentist] Cookie dough. – I love strawberry. – [Dad] Alright what flavor? – Strawberry. – [Dad] That’s what Laura went with too. – I haven’t done it yet. (exciting music) – [Dad] How does it taste? – Good. – [Dentist] And close together. (exiting music) – I’ll take grape.
– [Dentist] Alright. – [Mom] Look what I just
found this girl doing? She’s taking selfies. (Janae babbling) Oh you’re taking pictures now. It starts so young now!
(Janae babbling) Yeah, did you take a picture?
(Janae babbling) (camera clicking) – It’s gonna electrocute. – [Dad] Do you wear this to keep you from being electrocuted? – Uh-hmm.
– [Dad] Good thing. – I think. – [Dad] I hate when I get electrocuted. It’s the worst. So the concern isn’t that
you’ll get electrocuted, they put lead here just to
protect you from the waves that come out of the picture.
– Oh. – [Dad] I don’t know if that’s
correct, can you explain? – [Dentist] Yes, the radiation, yup. – [Dad] There’s radiation. – [Dentist] It protects
you from radiation. Great job, and hold your head
really, really still okay? Really still. (beeping) (happy music) – [Dad] Do you like the
TV’s on the ceiling? (happy music) – [Male Dentist] I love Christmas. – Me too. – [Male Dentist] What are
you going to do after this? Are you gonna go back to work or school? – I’m gonna go to Puerto
Rico for a long time. – [Male Dentist] Oh
wow, I love Puerto Rico! – After Christmas. – [Male Dentist] That’ll be so fun! This month, no cavities for you! – La-la-la-la-la! (Dad laughing)
– [Male Dentist] She’s good. – No cavities for Elise! – Yay! – [Male Dentist] I can’t wait to follow your trip on YouTube. – [Dad] Yes, no cavities! – And last time I came I
didn’t have a loose tooth, and this time I do. – [Male Dentist] What?
Show me! – This one. – [Male Dentist] Oh,
that’s awesome, buddy. – [Dad] He hasn’t lost any teeth yet. He’s pretty anxious to try to get there. – [Male Dentist] Change that later. – [Dad] No cavities Caleb. What do you guys gonna
get out of the token? I’m really proud of you guys. – Sorry.
– I got it. – I got a pink one. – [Dad] That’s perfect. I’m really proud that the
kids to have no cavities. (soft music) Laura, did your balloon get stuck? Caleb’s trying to get it down. (laughing) That’s gonna break the chair.
– Can I try? – [Dad] Oh, close.
– Okay, I can get it! – Can he just– (laughs) Recovered. – Thank you! We’re gonna be taking
you to the dentist soon. – That’s not my puppy,
his collar’s too shiny. That’s not my puppy,
its ears are too shaggy. (violin music) – [Mom] What are you doing bud? – Nae-Nae dropped it and
she’s like scoop this thing. – Oh I have a better idea! – [Mom] What could possibly
be a better idea than jumping with tongs to try to catch a balloon? You are so close! – Almost got it! (dramatic music) – [Dad] They decided that
they needed a bigger tool. (laughing) – [Mom] Go for it! He got it! (clapping) Good job Isaac! I’m packing lunches for school tomorrow, but we’re outta honey
which is a big problem because Caleb can’t use
our jam, because it’s cross-contaminated, and we
don’t have a new jar of jam, so we’re getting creative. He’s going to have a peanut butter and butterscotch syrup sandwich tomorrow. – Woo-hoo.
– [Dad] I hope you like it. – Sometimes, it has to
pay to be gluten-free. – I feel important. – [Dad] You started a new thing. – Peanut butter and
butterscotch sandwiches. We’ve just got the phone call that we’ve been waiting all
day from the doctor, and they do want me to
go and take Janae in and admit her to the hospital. We’re gonna go down this afternoon, and hopefully we’re gonna
see some specialists. They’re talking about doing a scope, where a tube will go down her throat and check out some of her GI system. They’re talking about
putting a feeding tube in, just temporarily. They’re talking about feeding studies. I don’t really understand everything yet, but I’m hoping once we get
there and I get to talk to the doctors, I can really understand all the different things and
I’m a little bit emotional. Wasn’t on our plans for the week and it’s always scary when something’s not going the way it should
with one of your children, but I’m really grateful that there’s
a lot of treatment options, and a lot of wonderful specialists and hopefully we can figure
out what’s going on so she can gain weight and grow. We really want to do
everything we can to help her. They said to expect to be in
the hospital for a couple days, maybe even up to five days. So, I’m packing our bag,
trying to think of everything that I might need and I’m so
grateful that we have some wonderful friends that
are gonna be helping with the big kids and helping
so that Jeremy can come down and see us at the hospital
and that just takes such a weight off of my shoulders. Are you ready to go? (Janae babbling) – I’m gonna come see ya
later tonight, okay big girl? – [Mom] Why do we have a whisk in the car? – It’s a toy whisk. – [Mom] Is it a toy whisk? – I dunno.
(Mom laughing) – I was like, cleaning up trash in here and it was down there, and I thought she’d like it. – [Mom] It’s pretty cool. Right?
Let’s go! (soothing guitar music) Alright, we made it to the hospital. Here we are.
This is our hospital room. They checked Janae in and
she’s doing great so far. They got her blood
pressure and everything. We’re just waiting to see
the first of many doctors. She’s kinda timid about
everybody, but she’s doing well. – Janae is so precious, and it’s scary to have her
admitted into the hospital. And right now, for them
to not know what’s wrong. I’ve honestly cried several times today with even the possibility that something could be wrong with her. I can’t imagine as a parent
what it would be like to find out that your child has cancer or some kind of life-threatening disease. And we’re not there with Janae. That’s not what we’re hearing,
that’s not what’s going on, but it’s interesting how
having something like this, where we don’t know what’s wrong with her and we’re going into the hospital and it just starts to open
up some of that thinking. But it’s a scary thing. It’s vulnerable. It can hurt a lot. But it really is a beautiful thing. And it’s interesting how
hard times and scary times sometimes really help you
realize how much love you have and how much you care
about another human being. I’m coming down to see Janae
and Kendra and bring some food. (Janae squealing with delight) – [Mom] Janae was so happy to
see him but now she’s bossing him around, she wants him to play — – We’re playing hide and seek.
– [Mom] over and over again. – [Dad] Peek-a-boo.
(Janae squealing) and again. – [Mom] (laughing) Come on, Dad. – Hey!
(Dad laughing) Janae, do you want to come eat with us? – Yes.
– [Mom] Yes, just kidding. – [Dad] Never mind. – [Mom] I meant I want to go back in. So I knew Jeremy was coming down here, but he got here a little
quicker than I thought. And so when he opened the door it was like, the best surprise ever! – Kiss your small hands
as you reach for my face. Kiss your sweet neck,
it’s my favorite place. (making kissing sounds) I kiss your five fingers,
that squeeze mine so tight. I kiss your strong arms, and you squeal with delight.
(Janae squealing and laughing) (piano music playing) – Alright, well just talked to the doctor for a nice, long while
and this little girl is going to be getting
a feeding tube tonight. – They stick a tube down her nose that goes straight into her stomach. – And that’s going to
give her the calories and the nutrients that she
needs to be able to grow. Right Janae? Janae’s really tired right
now, but they actually want to put it down so
that she can start getting the nutrients through the
night while she’s sleeping. She got the feeding tube
and she did not like it. Like any normal person would not like it. – [Dad] It was really sad to–
– It was hard to watch, her going through this. The only thing that is
soothing her right now, is watching J House vlog. (Dad laughs)
She misses the kids. – Yeah.
(quiet music) – [Child] Good night, J House out. – Smells horrible. (happy music) – Ar-r-r-ah! – Wow!

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