🔝Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis presents Anastasakis Hair Clinic🔝

Hi! Welcome to my new clinic. My name is Dr. Konstantinos Anastassakis and I am a board-certified Hair Restoration surgeon. Welcome to Anastasakis Hair Clinic! My new Hair Clinic is located in Athens, Greece, at 312 Kifissias Avenue. And the main reason I picked this central location in the city of Athens, is that I want it to been seen by everyone, a Hair Clinic belonging to a Hair Surgeon a Hair Clinic with a visible sign with a name, my name. In contrast, the majority of “clinics” or beauty salons offering hair transplant services, use fancy brand names or initials but no hair surgeons’ names, probably since quite often, no hair surgeons are involved at ALL in the actual surgery. In my clinic you will see the sign with my name and you will know, that from the first moment you walk in the door till a year later, when your new hair fully grows, I will be there for you, I will personally consult you, I will advise you, I will perform your surgical hair restoration and I will be following your progress for the months to follow. I know that many of you who live in or visit Athens will pass by this spot daily and I know for sure you won’t miss the sign in front of our Clinic, so I want you to remember everytime you spot our clinic that our door is open for you, anytime you wish to have a medical consultation with me and with me alone, not with a salesman or a consultant or a non-physician. I know some people may experience hair loss issues which really affects their feelings, lowers their confidence, and joy of life. Visit my clinic I can help you change your looks and the quality of your life. My team and I are specialized and very experienced in surgical hair restoration, and we can lead our patients to a hair transformation in a way that improves their lives. We ‘ll be happy to welcome you!

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