100 thoughts on “🏥 HOSPITAL DISCHARGE | GOING HOME ON IV’S | HOSPITAL DAY 16 🏥 (11.28.17)

  1. I’m riding on a wave of adrenaline!!!! Eeeee! So thankful to be home sweet home! Last year, we were admitted on Oliver’s birthday…this year, we were discharged on his birthday! I’m so thankful for Oliver! Let’s flood the Internet with pictures of our animals…ready, set, GO!

  2. We were introduced to the eclipse bulbs during this last round of antibiotics. My daughter normally needs any antibiotic diluted to at least 100ml, due to sensitivities, even if a IV dose could normally be 10 cc and just pushed through s syringe, so we usually end up with small bags and pump that runs it in over an hour. This last time the pharmacy we use decided to contact the doctor and see if he was okay with the eclipse bulbs instead of a pump and he did not have any issues so we were presented with them. Basically they should have delivered the antibiotic over the same period of time as the pump and they came all prepared, just like the bags did, so I did not have to mess with that. I did not think about it really one way or the other and it was something new I guessed the pharmacy wanted to use. I ended up not being really thrilled with them. Several leaked – one before it was ever even out of the initial packaging and several others during therapy. Once thing that works well with her sensitivities is giving it over a long enough, and consistent, period of time and the bulbs ended up delivering her dose in anywhere from as an hour (the right amount of time) to as fast as 20 minutes – accompanied by symptoms of sensitivities flaring up. I admit they are very cute and are easier to drag about with a pump but I was not a fan of them being as good for her as an IV pump.

  3. YAY, Glad you all got home! Happy Birthday Bonsie Boy! 3 days ago I got my Ollie puppies. So dang cute! My sister is going to flip when she will be getting one for Christmas. 😀 What a great day when we all get to see The Frey Life! Love you guys!!! ❤

  4. Welcome home Mary. And welcome home to you Peter and Ollieboy
    And 16 days in the Hospital still Vlogging is true dedication to your followers. And many would agree I am sure, you can Vlog anywhere your heart desires, we will still watch.
    And as always, I'll see you tomorrow. But I don't have any after parties lol.

  5. Just a thought, the caps you could collect and make a form of mosaic art out of them, like button art? Just thinking a way to use up some of the plastic

  6. Welcome home!
    Just an FYI: A carrot a day will keep the poodle breath away & it's a lot less expensive than those dental chews.


  7. So pleased to see you are all home. Happy birthday olly xx lots of hugs n kisses from the North East of England xx loraine xx

  8. Glad we could keep you company while you were in the hospital. What kind of fans/friend would we be otherwise. Lol. Glad your all home, just in time for 25 days of Christmas. Happy Birthday Ollie!!!

  9. Hello, I am new to your channel I randomly found you and I love your content, I am very new to this illness you have and I have very little knowledge about it with minimum information, so I learn as I watch you, but I would love you guys if you could explain briefly what certain words mean, that a lot of us don’t understand, as in words that have medical terms and or medications that some of us have never heard of before, as well as medical equipment names. I know this could be extremely repetitive & boring for you 😼if you decide to let us know what’s those things are for…, super briefly! 😉 we would dearly Appreciate it 💙💜💙💜💙💜💙
    You’re a trooper and if don’t want to fulfill my selfish request lol it’s OK 💜 I will look it up on my own. 👍🏼 You’re awesome your husband is awesome and so is Ollie!!! 🐩 so thank you so much for showing us how life could be so amazing and how we are capable to smile about the littlest tiny things in life 💜💙🙌🏼🙏🏼 greetings from Cali🤙🏼 Karla 😉

  10. Happy birthday Ollie ! Mary I'm so happy you can come home on I.v antibiotics. I'm just a bit worried you aren't wearing gloves and swabbing your port line when you attach the I.v ball up with alcohol wipes. Being in the medical field we always do this . Even drawing up drugs and especially connecting lines.Get a good rest ! There's nothing like your own bed after hospital !Love sonia

  11. so happy your home Mary now you need to get back to putting stuff in your little room! Cause the Advent calendar starts soon

  12. The shot of you coming through the door really reminded me of last year when you went to the cabin in the snow and Peter carried Mary then dropped her! Oh gosh.. so pleased you are home! Going to be so much more comfortable now ❤

  13. I love you guys so much you inspire me my health is not so great I wished their is a cure for chronic illnesses and Peter you are the best man in the whole world God bless you please pray for me

  14. You guys are an inspiration! Hang in there, and do what you don't think you can do! Thank you guys for encouraging me through chronic illness! God bless you and your family!

  15. Always good to be back home. I am thankful that you share Ollie with us. You both are inspiring. 🌹🐕🎄💕👫

  16. What a great video! Happy Birthday Ollie Boy=) I am happy I am not alone in making up weird songs for my dog. So you are home, hope you feel better every day Mary xx And Peter you are an awesome husband, I know how it is to have a guy like you and it sure takes the misery out of being sick. God bless!

  17. Question – are you able to recycle the empty containers? Or are they considered medical waste? And if so- what do you do with them? I know everything needs to be sterile – but the amount of packaging and containers must be just overwhelming…

    Happy Happy Birthday sweet Ollie Boy.

  18. Realized the Christmas tree lighting was putting up the tree in the house. Not a town event like I originally thought. Lol my mom was too tired to put up the Christmas tree yesterday too Peter so we are doing it today 🙂

  19. happy birthday oliver. and thank you two for being wonderful pet owners. i'm an animal lover myself and it warms my heart so much whenever i see people being amazing puppy parents. he is definitely the perfect fit for you two and completes your family nicely.

  20. So happy you were finally released! Home is more comfy! Happy Birthday Ollie 🐶💜🎉🎂
    Started oxygen now so feeling old and yucky but your video made me smile 😊 TY

  21. Dear Mary and Peter! Happy birthday to Oliver!
    I received the Olli bundle a week ago. I m going to keep the two doggies for myself. My grandchildren are too young to understand what deaper meaning these doggies have, so Ill keep them until they are older. Thanks so much for these Cuties! Have a wonderful time and thanks for sharing your life with us…..greetings from Germany. Sincerely Britta

  22. Glad you are home!!!  We stick around with you guys thru thick and thin. I personally like when you describe procedures and medicine etc thought I would just let you know that 🙂

  23. Thankful you are home! My dog lily has had her bandana on and we are fighting over the stuffed Ollie love the magnet your picture and wearin my sweatshirt tonight

  24. My mail lady set my Ollie package in my box so when I opened my mail box his cute face was the first thing to be seen. Happy mail!

  25. Hi my name is Sarita and I'm 15 and I have CF. I don't really know people with CF and seeing how you guys deal with CF as such an amazing team is so inspiring. I discovered this channel last week and I spent hours watching many vlogs. I really hope you guys see this so you can know how much you guys do and inspire other people. Happy bday Ollie!! Love you guys and keep fighting the good fight

  26. So glad your home marry!!! My 2 year old daughter and i really enjoy watching you and your family.🌸
    Your so inspiring

  27. You do have a very special husband in Peter and give him extra hugs 🤗 from all your YouTube family, cuz we really love you all! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. So happy to see you home! Happy Birthday to you with love and blessings Ollie 💞!!! Mary, with the dry med before you add the saline why not give it a little upside down shake, kinda like nail polish??? Been praying too!

  29. Our dogs have the same birthdays! And my ferrets name is Ollie! Love your outlook on life praying for you and love the vids.

  30. I like the pink caps it is the little things I always say you have to take your meds but sometimes you get the cherry flavored kind

  31. I was bored and clicked on an old vlog of yours from 2015, before I followed you. And yall must have lived very close to where I do now! I love NICKs Roast Beef!

  32. I am so thankful that I've started watching your vlogs. I love being apart of your story in this journey of life with CF.  You both put in a tremendous amount of work into living every day and then still find time to do the vlogs, you are both truly amazing.  And we can't forget the Ollie boy by any means.  He the best too.

  33. I'm really intrigued why you never flush or prepare your drugs with aseptic field and sterile gloves here in the uk any central is handled like you would say accessing your port is there a specific reason why you don't or even wipe the end before you connect maybe we over do things here over cautious and on TPN being different but any IV or anything goes near my line including antibiotics is done aseptic to reduce the risk of infection I found it really uncomfortable to watch to not even have the medicine prepared especially with the Giving set not even in a sterile packet and connect up without even wiping so very intrigued x

  34. Dental Chews are the greatest​. Our boy enjoys his Dental Chews and his teeth at seven years old, are lovely and clean. No tartar, no dog breath. Our boy does get spoilt as he gets his everyday and occasionally as a treat, which usually ends up daily. So it is fair say he gets two a day when he is good, which is all the time. He is lying at the foot of my bed right now. We have been having a rough time of things also. But nothing like you are going through Mary, nothing, which isn't fair. You are so young, I have lived a good life that has slowly progressed to this point. But my lovely boy usually ends up in this spot at the foot of my bed, when I am not doing well.

  35. Happy belated birthday Ollie!
    I know u guys work w/ another company that makes dog toys for tough chewers, but I thought u might be interested in some variety. Another youTuber Viidreamcatcher does reviews on a subscription box called bullymake box for power chewers & has an affiliate discount code if u are interested.
    Sending hugs to u Mary, Peter, &, of course, Oliver.
    Take care of u!

  36. We all LOVE Peter’s SELFLESSNESS, WILLINGNESS AND SERVICE-he is amazing and incredible! It couldn’t possibly be easy for him to see you struggle and conquer on a daily basis Mary! But I know he sees you in many amazing and equally incredible ways other than “just” (or simply) a conquerer and survivor of CF. We know you agree that having a Peter Frey in your life is much appreciated, loved, cherished, a blessing, and that you are THANKFUL of Peter-and it’s SO obvious that he ADORES you-(the adoring looks to be mutual!)-he has said he loves your courage, tenacity and your “bombastic” personality/nature (it was in a past video!). I just wish there were more Peter Frey’s in the world, for all of us that struggle, survive, and conquer chronic illness!!! I know you know it Mary, but you have a diamond in Peter-and in my experience, men like Peter are hard to find!!! #abattlesharedishalfashard💜💜💜💜💜

  37. Ur amazing showing us the DETAILS of what ur doing (the process)-IN DEPTH!!! with the IV meds!!! U guys are LIFESAVERS!!! And #SANITYSAVERS-if I’m needing to show them it can be done, u guys are PROOF!!!!

  38. Ur a #trailblazer Mary! First for ur insurance company!!!!! (Don’t know who that is for other subs-don’t know who ur US subscribers should look for for insurance with to make this possible!!) but the both of you are amazing!!!

  39. It was a long time ago when I was sent home once on IV antibiotics through a PICC line and it wasn't too bad but because of the entry sight I had to keep my arm straight the entire 2 hours it was infusing into my body or would eclude. I did have to do the heparin and saline when I wasn't using it though.

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