🏥 10 Must Haves for an Easier Hospital Stay! 💪

– 10 must have items for myself when I’m in the hospital. (upbeat music) Hey y’all, good morning,
welcome to another video. I have some not-so-great
news and some good news. Unfortunately, as y’all can probably tell, I am back in the hospital with complications and a flare up of my mast cell activation disorder but the good news is I have
a committed medical team. The treatment plans are working as the flare takes its course. As of right now, I’m feeling better and they’re really just keeping me now for observation for another 12 to 24 hours to make sure that all is well and if so, I should be going home
within the next day. It’s definitely frustrating because I felt I was doing very
well with my health and making progress in the right direction but the reality is, chronic illness is not a straight line up, you know, or not even a straight line down if you feel you’re not doing your best. It’s a lot of ups and downs and then while some of my illnesses
may be doing better, others I may still be
having challenges with and just because I’m having challenges with my mast cell right now, I’m not gonna let it take away from the other successes I’ve been having recently regarding my health. I’ve just gotta take whatever comes at me one day at a time and keep moving forward. Anyways, I am finally starting to feel better and I could use a welcome distraction, so I decided to pick up the camera and
make a video for y’all and this video is gonna detail 10 must have items for myself when I’m in the hospital and
this is not gonna include people I love or Harlow,
these are gonna be items and I’m not gonna show them to y’all in any particular order but these are just things that help make my
hospital stays more manageable. First up, of course,
is Ellie the elephant. If y’all have followed our channel for a while, you’ll know
she is my comfort item. Judd got her for me when we first started dating and she is a Jellycat, which is the brand of stuffie. She is pink, she’s got a flowery pattern on her ears and on the bottom of her feet and I sleep with her every night, so if I’m going somewhere overnight, she comes with me and she’s been through many procedures and
surgeries and hospital stays and just like to snuggle her. She brings me a lot of comfort. Next up, we’ve got my Brave Soul blanket. This was gifted to me by
the nonprofit organization called Brave Soul Blankets and now I am good friends with the founder
of that nonprofit, Melaney. She’s so sweet and so selfless. What she does is she hand makes these beautiful blankets and then sends them to people who are battling life-altering illnesses and she also sells blankets and other things on her Etsy store to fund her nonprofit. All of the profit she makes goes directly back into sending these beautiful blankets to people in need. This particular one I
have is the muslin fabric. It feels like gauze. I love it because it’s lightweight, so I can use it without becoming too hot. Perfect size for a hospital bed and it adds a pop of color to my room. Otherwise, all of my bedding would be white and it’s just kinda cheery, plus this washes very well. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten spilled medication on it or my formula and it just goes through the wash beautifully, so love my Brave Souls blanket and I’ll put a link to her company in the description if y’all are interested in learning more. Then behind my we’ve got
my favorite heating pad. It is extra large, it
heats up really well, it has six different heating levels. You can leave it on for two hours and then it’ll automatically shut off if you want to go to sleep using it or you can take the shut off time off if you know you’re gonna be wanting to use it for longer than two hours. It is soft, this is great for my muscular pain and sometimes joint pain and I got this on Amazon, I’ll put a link to it in the description. These next two things kind of go together. These are my favorite
noise-canceling headphones that play music, they’re called V-MODA. Judd got himself a pair at first a few years ago and I really liked them so then I got myself one as well and the plates are pink because I like pink. They’re great at canceling out noise around you and the sound quality when playing music is awesome. If y’all have been hospitalized, you’ll know that it can be pretty noisy in the hospital so during the day if I need some peace to relax, I’ll just put these
on, listen to my music. If I’m having trouble sleeping at night because of all of the
beeping and hospital noises, I’ll put these on to help me listen to some nice music and get some rest. With the pumps and everything else in the hospital it can also be very bright and tricky to catch some good sleep so I’ll use the headphones and an eye mask and that is how I get some rest
in a busy hospital setting. Of course, I bring a toiletry bag to the hospital and I think two of the most important things I have in there would be my hair thing, I don’t know exactly what this is called but you put it on like this, there go my glasses, and over your hair, and
it holds your hair back. You can use this if you want to take a shower without
getting your hair wet or you want your hair pulled back if you’re putting on makeup. I don’t like to wear makeup so I don’t use it for that
but in the hospital when I want to go wash my face, I’ll use this and it’s
just very practical. I use it everyday, actually, you know when I’m washing my face
and brushing my teeth. I got this at Bed Bath and Beyond. I have not been able to
find it online though, so if any of y’all know a link where you can buy this online, please share it in the comments because
that would be awesome. And then, dry shampoo. I think this is crucial
for me in the hospital because taking a shower when I’m on my baseline of symptoms is already kind of draining enough, but when I’m in the hospital
really not feeling well, showers are even harder so dry shampoo is one of my best friends and this one’s my favorite, it’s Not
Your Mother’s Clean Freak, and I like the little
travel-sized bottles. I’ve seen the travel-sized ones at Target and Walmart, Bed Bath
and Beyond, places like that. Next up is a six foot long phone charger. I like the long phone charger because it reaches comfortable from the plugs in the wall all the way to the bed and I got this one on Amazon, yes, I will be putting a link
to it in the description. And then the last two
items, I’m kind of wearing. Y’all have probably noticed that when I’m in the hospital, I don’t really wear hospital gowns unless my medical team specifically wants me
to for whatever reason. I prefer to wear my own pajamas because they are more comfortable for me and it makes me feel a little bit more like myself, a little more human, when I’m in the hospital and so comfy pajamas are a must and then I like to have cool socks. Y’all know I have a
collection of cool socks. This one has elephants on them and they kinda just cheer me up and since it’s chilly in hospitals anyway, I like to wear socks on
my feet to keep them warm. I bring cool socks to the hospitals and the nurses usually comment on them, like “Hey, those are cool socks” and slippers with grips on the bottom for when I get out of bed to wash my hands or use the restroom or
whatever else it may be. So I actually need to get up and I want to use my dry
shampoo and wash my face so I will show y’all
these things in action. (upbeat music) Well, ta-da, I am ready for the day, which means I am ready for a nap. Doing all of that and getting ready was exhausting and
honestly the past few days have been quite difficult, but I am on the mend, finally starting to feel more like myself and feel better and like I said, I’m just here for precautionary observation now, so hopefully I will be going home soon and I don’t know when I’m going to edit and upload this video so by the time y’all are watching this I should be home. I hope some of y’all
found this video helpful, maybe a few tips and tricks and gadgets that can help you with your hospital stays and if any of y’all have items that help make your hospitalizations more manageable, please feel free to share them in the comments. I think that would be a great way for all of us to give each other tips and tricks and support one another. But anyways, I am, I’m in that middle ground where I’m still not feeling well because
I’m flaring but I’m ready to safely handle things at home so definitely moving in the right direction and as I mentioned at the beginning of this video, yes, it’s frustrating, but just because one area of my health is not as controlled as
other areas, it doesn’t take away from the
successes I’ve accomplished. This setback isn’t gonna take away from the other positive strides I’ve made and as far as like the Xolair shot goes, it really can take three to four shots which is like three to four months to really start seeing a difference and my doctor said with all of the rain that’s been going on here in Florida and the weather changes just stirring up all of the environmental allergens, it’s probably just not helping and contributing to this
current position I’m in, but just doing the best we can and through the worst
of it with this flare and I’m looking forward to going home. I hope y’all are having
as good a day as you can. With that I’ll say goodbye and thanks for joining us on our adventure. (upbeat music)

47 thoughts on “🏥 10 Must Haves for an Easier Hospital Stay! 💪

  1. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! Chronic pain issues. After you shared your heating pad I bought it right away I love Amazon Prime. I am in LOVE 😍 it’s soft it’s huge I am very grateful you shared it.

  2. Jaquie! You forgot to mention boardgames and play of cards!! Would you really make it through a whole stay without a game of trouble?? For me, something easy to keep my mind and hands busy is key for longer admissions. <3 loved this video, I'll totally rewatch it later this week as I'm soon going in for for a g-tube placement. Thank you!!

  3. $90 for a blanket! I have a life altering disease but we cannot afford $90 for a blanket. And I’m 13 and you can’t only be nominated when you are 18-35. People older and Younger than that have life altering diseases also. 😂

  4. I hope you are feeling better and will be heading home soon, Jaquie. Despite you being in the hospital, it is good to see you again. I really miss your vlogs on a daily basis, but definitely understand your desire to step back some.
    A couple suggestions for a hospital bag, one of which is often in lieu of that long phone charger, is a good old extension cord. It helps when I need to plug in my laptop and phone and/or heating pad and it gives me the added length too. I also like to have a few large safety pins because some times my charger wires get caught in my blankets or pillow or are just irritating. This way, with lots of length from my extension cord, I can pin the excess wires out of the way. I often pin them to my bottom sheet either along the side of my bed or under my pillow so it isn't a hassle with my top sheet and blankets. Hope these ideas also help somebody. Be well everyone! xo Heather🇨🇦

  5. I have CHD completed all my surgeries and now I am doing a myocardium therapy once a month for 1.5 day via an iv pump. I bring with me most og the things you mentioned plus my Nintendo Switch wich is a gaming console to play when I am bored. I hope you are feeling better by the time I am writing this comment and you are back to your home.

  6. I have ornithinetranscarbamylase and other health issues and when i go to the hospital i have my 2 favorite stuffed animals i bring with me. One is a stuffed bear ive had since i was diagnosed at 6 and a stuffed octopus my mom gave me.

  7. Hope you can get out of the hospital soon!!!Your hair thingie looks like the turbie band. Turbie Twist Band – Colors May Vary by Turbie Twist https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LX9WN0M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_iYegBbVR4TVHJ

  8. I hope your Masto gets better, I have it too I understand. I've been there too. In fact today I had to get Solumedrol do to the Masto. I will be praying for you!🤗🙏

  9. Amazon link for the Hair Holder Head Wrap towel

  10. Thanks for this video, best wishes. I ordered one of those beautiful blankets for my bad days. What a lovely charity.

  11. a tip for when you're not the one hospitalized but you're going to be there for a long time: bring a pillow. i was at the hospital for 10 hours with my mom who was having surgery and my ride lived far away so we stayed there the whole time. i curled up on one of hte longer guest chairs and fell asleep and would've loved to have a pillow or blanket lol

  12. I haven't been in in a while but one thing I wish I'd thought of bringing (I got this idea from a travel vlog!) is a multi-block extension cord! It'd mean not having to worry about short chargers but also in my hosp there are only 1 or 2 sockets since the others are in use for the bed, feed pump etc and I've found myself having to stop charging my iPod so I can charge my phone or having trouble reaching the device or socket.

  13. Does anyone know how health care works in the US for people with chronic illness (financially)? I know Jaquie has health insurance but sometimes that doesn't cover everything. I'm really hoping that people with chronic illness don't get stuck with immense medical debt 🙁

  14. Lots of prayers and I totally understand what your going through. We have been getting a lot of rain here and grass pollution has been a major issue for me.

  15. Your tips are amazing. I especially love the earphones and sleep mask. I have one for you. Many years ago my doctor ordered me a foam egg crate mattress cover for under my sheets, and it made the bed sooo much more comfortable, that I always have one to bring. They are cheap and roll up very easy. The egg crate one is important, because it keeps you cooler than just a regular foam one.

  16. Is this the hair thing??? 🤔🍀


  17. your hair thing is called a tassi i think? I ordered one to try. I found it on amazon!

    Link: http://a.co/bsP8Mqy

  18. Hello, I’m having surgery tomorrow and I’m wondering if you’re allowed to wear underwear. I’m a really self conscious girl and I’m worried.

  19. Must have a iPad or something to pass the time! It really helps! Just an idea! 😀👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💜♥️💜

  20. I'm in the hospital alot also I have gastroparesis and some other medical issues and when I go I bring word searches my tablet to play games and I also bring my rig hooking

  21. Jaquie, I'm just now understanding about your chronic illness. I wish you well and with Our Lord Jesus beside you , you are healed! You are giving me a lot of knowledge about your situation as my daughter has GP. I'm going to share your blogs to her . Hang in there!

  22. I have headphones by a company called cozy phones. It’s a headband-style that fits flat against your ear so you can sleep with them on. Comes either with a super long cord or Bluetooth. It has improved my sleep immensely.

  23. As much as I hate my continued hospitalizations, it’s always best to be prepared. These are few of my own must have’s for hospital stays:
    Kleenex – hospital tissue is really rough!
    Lip balm
    10ft iphone charging cable – available on amazon
    Soft Cozy Blanket from my sister – for comfort & warmth
    Leggings & a stretchy bra – (since I always have to wear the hospital gown)
    A Ty Peek-a-Boo’s – they are phone/device holders

  24. My dad always needs Maggi, the german version of soy sauce. 😊 also his mobile and big headphones for the small tv by his bedside. Other must haves are a fabric napkin and his own medication. We also always bring him his mail and sometimes homemade food along with tons of his favourite sweets, a bit of normality, life does not stop because you‘re in the hospital! (Thank to the Frey life for this revelation!)

  25. My top tip would be, bring your own Kleenex/facial tissue box. The one's stocked at the hospital I work in are useless. Far too small and thin.

  26. What is that hair thing she put her hair up with? What is it called because I’m trying to find it on bed bath beyond?

  27. I'm also in the hospital!!! I'm in cuz I had 3 Tonic Clonic seizures and a Tonic seizure overnight so we are currently waiting on the EEG results to see if I have Epilepsy

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