– So Jeremy wants me to tell you guys that I haven’t showered or anything. (light music) – Peekaboo! (light music) – [Dad] Where you guys going this morning? – To Aunt Michelle’s house. (classical music) – [Mom] Where’s Nae Nae? Peekaboo! Where did she go? Peekaboo! So this is Janae’s feeding, it goes down this tube. – Listen, I have an idea. – [Mom] The real challenge
with the feedings is keeping her still. – You see turning pages will bring us… – [Mom] We’re just glad daddy’s here. – And there’s a monster
at the end of this book. – [Mom] Time for Christmas
music and disco ball dancing. – We have to come up with whatever we can to get her to not run away
from the feeding tube. Oh, she’s almost done. – [Mom] Yay! – She’s at the very end of it. – [Mom] Good job, Janae. I don’t know why everything’s more fun when you have disco ball lights on. – Yeah. – [Mom] But it’s true. – So the hardest thing
about being in the hospital besides seeing Janae
struggle with adapting to everything here has
just been the logistics. So Kendra hasn’t left this
hospital room for two days. – I went into the hallway,
just outside the door once. – Once. The problem is is there’s a bunch of really sick kids out there. They recommended that we
don’t have Janae leave but it’s not like Kendra
can just go out without her. There’s also the difficulty
that food comes in for Janae but not for Kendra. – And we live 45 minutes away from here so it’s not an easy
logistical thing for Jeremy to be able to come down and we have to get somebody to watch the other four kids, which our friends have
been amazing and helpful but logistics have been hard. It would be really nice to get back home. – So we just met with the doctor again and he said it’s possible that
we could be going home today but more likely tomorrow. We have our fingers crossed though, we would love to be back home. Janae’s favorite part of the hospital. Hope came to visit. And that’s the dog’s name, I wasn’t trying to be sentimental. – [Mom] So Jeremy and I
have some educational videos we’re supposed to watch. – Before we can go home,
both Kendra and I have to put the feeding tube in Janae. – [Mom] So we have to
learn how to do that. Step one, watch videos. – [Dad] She’s tired. (playful music) – So while Jane’s
napping, Jeremy and I are trying to be as quiet as possible and learn how to put NG
tubes down a baby doll. The baby doll’s a little creepy looking. – It’s creepy. – Here’s mine. I got to choose which
baby doll I wanted first. – Nailed it. – Jeremy did so well, he got gummy bears. So Jeremy wants me to tell you guys that I haven’t showered or
wash my face or anything. – [Dad] You didn’t brush you teeth. – I didn’t even brush my teeth, it’s been go, go, go like since she woke up this morning, I feel like
it’s been constant going. – When they say that we were
gonna be in the hospital for four or five days with her, in my mind it was like cool, we’re
gonna watch a bunch of movies or relax or just have quality time. It hasn’t, I mean, you’re
constantly meeting with doctors, being trained about things. I’m getting ready to do my
first drop of the feeding tube so we did a practice runs on the dolls, talked through everything
and we’re getting ready to do it and it’s
hard also to have quality time with Janae beause
she’s getting blood drawn regularly or she’s getting
a feeding tube put in or the thing that is really exciting is that she did gain weight,
a significant amount. – Today, for the very first time. – Today. – The very first time in
months and months and months. – She’s gained more weight in 24 hours than she gained in six months. That’s exciting. – Then she gained in eight months. – Yeah, eight months. I’m so grateful and all the blood work and all the testing is
showing that she is healthy, she just hasn’t been
getting enough calories, she won’t accept it. – We’re really hoping
that this feeding tube is a short term solution. Meaning, it might be several months but it’s to help her
get enough calories in so she can keep growing right now. Watching Christmas movies
and eating chicken tenders or just mostly licking the ketchup off. – We’ll take whatever we can get. (lively music) – Mama. – Nae Naers. (giggling) – Nae Nae. – Nanaers. (giggling) – Janae’s the cutest to eat with. – La la la, la la la. La la la, la la la. – [Mom] Are you singing a song? – Yes. – Yes? Are you eating waffles? Where’s your waffles? Where’s your strawberries? Oh, are you gonna eat one? What? So since Janae’s been
here in the hospital, I find that she eats best
when we set up this little tray like it’s a dinner
table and we sit together and we have like our
little family meal time. Do we say prayers? – Mama! – Amen. You’re gonna use your spoon? Here, let’s move this closer to ya. There’s your water. Isn’t she just adorable to watch eat? Oh I absolutely love it. K, do you want another
bite of waffles with syrup? (mumbling) I’m feeling so grateful right now. A company donated lunch to all
the parents in the hospital today and guys, it has been so much harder to be a parent in a
hospital than I realized. So I’m just having so
much empathy and love for all these parents that
are in all these rooms beside me and you know, we’re
all stuck in our own rooms, living in our own little
worlds but it was just so thoughtful, I’m just really grateful and I’m hungry. There’s my lunch. Being in here really
does make me so excited to find more ways to give back. Having these kinds of
experiences helps you learn more ways that people need love and care and how to better serve
others when they’re in similar situations. Hey Nae. (laughing) Did you just fall over? You silly, she’s getting tired. It’s almost nap time. (mumbling) There’s the baby, you found the baby, can you put the baby to bed? Awe, are they kissing the baby? (mumbling) There’s the daddy. The daddy looks a lot
like Prince Charming. I love her facial expressions. – Mama, mama, mama. – Does the baby need some water? Oh it was Nae Nae that needed water. – Okay. – Okay. (mumbling) Yay. (mumbling) Alright we just heard we get to go home. I’m so excited and
Janae doesn’t understand what’s going on but she’s
going to be excited. I’m home. It feels so good to be home. Oh I swear like the air
is different at home. Just the smells, like
everything is different. Home is just a really awesome place. Janae is really missing the kids. She grabbed my backpack
for me and insisted that I put it on, she
brought me both of my shoes and wanted me to put them on. I was wearing socks so
we ended up with that. Let’s go! Knock on the door. Janae, what did you find? – [Dad] It’s good to
see Nae Nae back home. The kids will be home soon. – There they are, there’s your shoes. Janae just asked, where Elise go? She’s wondering where all the kids. They’re coming home soon, Nae Nae. – Elise! – [Dad] Those are her boots. – [Mom] They’re Elise’s shoes. (squealing) – [Dad] This is so adorable. She’s rummaging through their shoes. (mumbling) There’s Laura’s shoes. – So Janae left but it’s
apparently really fun to color. I’m still going. I’m trying lettering,
I have no skills at it but it’s kinda fun to play. Poor Janae was crying and she got stuck. We got it. – Thank. – [Mom] You’re welcome. Janae was so happy to see her play kitchen and her play toys. – Hot. Hot, gotta be careful
with those hot things. Oh yummy, did you make us some food? Oh she’s cooking a feast,
she’s getting all the pots out. – Janae! – Hi Nae! – Did you have fun? – Janae with a feeding tube
looks a little bit different. – She doesn’t act any different. – Guys, she’s cooking. – [Mom] You’re right, she
doesn’t act any different, she’s the same. – [Dad] She’s making dinner for everyone. – Did you have fun? – I missed you. – I missed you. – How long do you think Janae
will have a feeding tube? – We don’t know but it’s
not gonna be anytime soon. – So it was the last four
days and three nights that Kendra was in that
room the whole time, she didn’t see the kids or anybody. – I didn’t except for
doctors and therapists and nutritionists. – [Dad] You had one friend come in. – And dad, I did see daddy. – [Dad] Nae Nae, did you miss Isaac? – Yes. – Oh you want more? You want more? Okay. Yum! Oh you want more or do you want eat? Let’s eat some carrots. – This is Jane’s first meal back at home. (cheering) She has a whole cheering team. (cheering) Look at that grin. (cheering) So then we push it super
slow into her tummy. (laughing) She’s like everybody’s watching me as I eat this cut up grape. So dad or I at every
meal is gonna stand here. – [Dad] Each feeding
takes 10 to 15 minutes. – And before you do the feeding, you have to check for the tube placement with the PH and then you have to flush it after the feeding. – [Dad] It’s about a 20 minute process. ♪ Santa Clause is coming to town ♪ ♪ Song tonight ♪ ♪ Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells, ♪ ♪ Jingle all the way ♪ ♪ Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh ♪ (light music) – [Girl] Good night, J House out. – [Dad] You have a solo tonight. – My very first solo. (light music) – So I just talked to the doctor again and we have a plan!

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