日本最恐幽霊病院part2 #EMAX

Ghost sensor I’m reacting so much now Do you understand? let’s go Oh oh! Ghost Hospital Part II (Go down from 4F) WowWow locker room Is there something here? No, it ’s amazing. It ’s really packed It’s like this It ’s still in the back The cafeteria Artisan cafeteria There is a karaoke microphone, Did you do karaoke or something? Maybe it was also a game room I have a job application Garbage is not thrown away, it is left as it is Kitchen room Big This kitchen room is big It smells something Ah, it was a garbage place This is nothing This was also a break room Who cried Did something move? Is this a hotel room? That’s it The person on duty must have been resting here I want to go to the mortuary from now on Well, here, Because it is affixed Thanking you in advance No ~ If you come here, please go see From here on, this is Neah CT scan, X-ray, MRI, etc. From here on, the problem Mortuary See, the atmosphere is already there because I see it It looks like this, it ’s terrible It feels like something is already there Any white shadows on the glass? Can’t see it? What If you are overseas, this kind of fire hydrant The door closed, Like this Ah! ! Have you seen it? Moved Let’s go Now, the wheelchair moved without permission This moved Wow Wow truly? This is Moved This is A wheelchair with a high back This is for those who used it, who can’t move Like whole body paralysis Wow, it really moved, Wow It dangerous Let’s go to the mortuary and see Ah! Wait a minute! The video battery seems to run out Stop here for a moment Replace the battery From now on, this is it X-ray room There is an atmosphere here too! What is this There are a lot of tools Ah! This is also a syringe needle As it is Like this Like a precision screwdriver this! It ’s a tool used in surgery. Medical instruments Oh, I do something Here’s the X-ray room look this! It ’s a great machine, Wow Wow I’ll put a little camera A little sorry I forgot … Spirit equipment, lol Over there I’ll go get one more time This wheelchair Suddenly started to move From the previous time, there is no evidence of movement Is it a fixed point now? Yup Same angle as last time Last time this door closed without permission. This Ah this? Warehouse Smells like gas Ghost sensor I’m reacting so much now. Do you understand? What are you doing this? Spirit box Using radio waves to pick up the ghost voice Is this it? Is this sound? Still fixed Everyone is a great source tired… Is it a car to stay? Manga cafe? Are you around here? About 1 hour from here I see (From here, it is a scene of preparations for the return. Thank you for watching. If you find something, please let me know. See you in the next video!

26 thoughts on “日本最恐幽霊病院part2 #EMAX

  1. 朝から目が覚めました😱心臓に悪い💦

  2. e-maxさんこんにちは^ ^

  3. 動いてる!ビックリ…車椅子が下がった所を定点で撮り続けて回ったらなんか映りそう。だけどやはり皆さんの声と動く影とか色々多すぎて良くわからない。

  4. 16:30辺りからすすり上げるような呼吸音みたいなものがずっと入っていますね。

  5. E-MAXさんの動画いつも見させてもらってます!怯えながら笑

  6. ガラスの割れたベッドのある部屋

  7. お疲れ様です☽・:*
    🙁 ;´꒳`;):です。

  8. お疲れさまです!先生、固定した心霊機材のポイントにたすく先生か誰かお一人配置して監視、アイテムの機器管理をされますと又、違った変化も確認がとりやすいかとも思います。トランシーバーもお使いになるとお互いに調査エリアの変化を伝えやすくなるかもしれません。今回も拝見していてハラハラドキドキでしたこれからもがんばつてください。

  9. 車椅子が…!一時停止しながら見てみましたがほんと一瞬のことでしたね。あんな大きなものが動くなんて。

  10. 22:06 なんて言ってるか判らないけど完全に声入っちゃってません?

  11. 2階の屋外にある貯水槽?から繋がっている霊安室辺りの配管?から鳴る「ゴーーー」という不気味な音が、前よりも小さくなったように感じる。

  12. 今晩はいつも楽しく拝見させて頂いてます😄病院は絶対いてますよね。勇気あるなぁ😅

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