刁蛮俏御医 36丨The Imperial Physician 36 (multi-language subtitle| 主演:张娜拉,TAE,高昊,何赛飞,李菁菁,郭珍霓)

The Imperial Physician SUBTITLES BY Babel Fansub
www.facebook.com/BabelSub Subbers: Dadelus, Alina Episode 36 Baochuan is in charge in the Palace I think he will know more details about this Grand Preceptor I don’t trust him But I trust you. Judging by the reports you delivered over the years, you are ambitious and conscientious. I want you to think back If there’s any clue that will undo my regret, I will be very grateful. I will take my leave Wait a minute Grand Preceptor I heard that you’ve been suffering from heartache. So I prepared some medicine pills for you. Once your heart hurts take them immediately. You will get instant relief. Thank you Your Majesty Grand Preceptor Don’t forget what you set out to do in the first place. I will take my leave Eunuch Li Is the Emperor asleep? He’s asleep I dismissed all the guards and eunuchs nearby. Then, I will go take a look Eunuch Li Shh This is serious. I think we better think about it. How could you step back at this time? Let me tell you After tonight I will ensure your ultimate power and wealth. Quick Don’t come Keep an eye on them Well Tian You can’t leave this place My father’s books are proven to be free of errors Xiangning is now healed Why can’t I leave? I haven’t told the Empress Dowager
the result of your complaint. Brother Why won’t you say it? Right now, she is sick Could you stay for some days? I will tell her when the Empress Dowager is better But it’s fucking boring here. I know that it must be boring for you to stay here. So I already sent someone to accompany you Who is it? Master Ling Chun! Master. Master. Your Majesty. Ling Chun, I’ll leave Tian with you Take your time I’ll take my leave I’ll visit you later I know Take care, Your Majesty. Ling Chun Long time no see Are you doing well? Master I’m not a bit fine Once you left, the Imperial Clinic closed down. I’m sweeping the floors everyday. I’m so bored. But I’m smart I kept the medicine book you gave to me. It seems you’ve read the book Well of course In order to be a physician, I can endure all hardship, toil and bullying. Who bullied you? Consort Mo’s maid, Cui Huan. Master When you were away, Cui Huan kept bullying me and making trouble for me. Oh yeah When Zhesan came to get medicine She even set up a trap. Zhesan was taken away by Baochuan. So, Zhesan got caught because he fell for Cui Huan’s trap. So I think the Black Scent incident, may be Cui Huan’s doing. Worse still, Consort Mo may know of this incident too. You can’t say this kind of thing without proof. If Consort Mo hears of it, you will be in trouble. Master You don’t need to worry about this Consort Mo stays in her chamber all day long as she’s pregnant. Even if she wants to hear, she can’t There might be people eavesdropping I know Then I will help you tidy up your things first. Teach me a few more skills later. Okay. Your Highness, I heard Ling Chun got reassigned to accompany Chu Tianxin If you feel that Chu Tianxin is in the way, we can start from Ling Chun. Ling Chun is muddle-headed. Chu Tianxin trusts her a lot It’s a big opportunity A good suggestion I’m flattered. But now Chu Tianxin is protected everywhere she goes. All her food will be checked. To harm her is not so easy Any ideas? For lodging a complaint, Chu Tianxin got external wounds. We can poison her medicine. I know about a kind of snake poison that’s deadly once it’s in blood. Even a silver needle cannot detect it. While applying the ointment, Chu Tianxin will put snake poison on her wound. Snake poison. Is it easy to find? Let me think of a way to do that. Ling Chun, come help us Okay Here Lift it Be careful Did anything happen? Nothing. Bro, thanks for guarding us What are you holding? Oh This is Tian’s ointment. Go in Thank you Master I feel uneasy. Would something big happen? This place is heavily guarded. Nothing should happen I read it in the medicine book Not all poison can be detected by a needle I think it’s better to be careful What if you get poisoned? Why should I be worried with you around? When you are healed, can you ask His Majesty not to let me be a maid? It’s so boring and exhausting. I just want to follow you, okay? Every time you cure the patients they will be extremely happy. Strong sense of accomplishment. I think I need to follow you to be a good physician I wanna be like you Okay Next time, I’ll tell the Emperor What’s wrong? Ling Chun Where did you get the medicine from? I brought it from the Academy Master Gosh The needle kit. How are you? I’ve been poisoned Take the three-edged needle This one? Yes Help me stick it in Liang Qiu point. Hurry No, Yin Shi point. Insert it! I’ve never done this Stick it in Oh, I can’t Don’t panic. You can do it. Don’t panic. Stay calm. Do it slowly. Master. Use the cupping jar to suck out the poison. There are no cupping jars here. I better use my mouth to suck the poison. Master Master Ling Chun. Are you feeling better? I’m fine Thank you for saving me It’s good that you’re fine Ling Chun. Ling Chun. Ling Chun! Ling Chun. Wake up Ling Chun Master Would I become a great physician? Of course Don’t say anymore I’ll save you first I don’t have many friends in the Palace I know you treat me the best No Everyone likes you Really The day Miss Yun Ying was killed, Lady Mo came out from the Imperial Clinic. She told me not to say it. I was scared I’m afraid I won’t have a chance to say No I will cure you Master Ling Chun Ling Chun Ling Chun Tian. Ling Chun! Don’t be like this Wait a minute Ling Chun I promised you that I’d teach you acupuncture skills. I never taught you well If you can still be with me in your next life, I would teach you carefully I will make a copy of ‘Nine Needles Manual’, and burn it with the needle kit. Ling Chun Tian. Don’t be like this – Ling Chun.
– Tian, Let Ling Chun go Ling Chun Ling Chun Tian Brother Ling Chun was poisoned because of me Calm down The murder isn’t you It’s the one who added the poison This was my fault I didn’t manage the Palace well enough Tian I swear I will find out the truth catch the culprit and do justice for Ling Chun. Brother, Ling Chun just told me she wanna be a physician, not a maid She wanted to save people like me She left before I got a chance to fulfill her wish. Tian, take it easy I’ll arrange the funeral and take care of her family. I’ll give her a posthumous title of physician. Brother, did I do anything wrong? Why are there people wanting to kill me? No. Tian There’s nothing wrong with saving people You did nothing wrong Then, why are there people trying to kill me? Why did my father get executed for compiling books? How come kind people have to suffer pain? How come Ling Chun is dead? How come my parents were framed to death? Why are the murderers safe and sound? Why? Tian Your father and Ling Chun won’t die for nothing I will catch the murderer and avenge them I know I won’t give up I won’t spare the killers I will make them pay for everything they have done. Snake poison. The security is tight. There shouldn’t be snake poison in the Palace. Even Yun Ying was killed by poison
secretly produced in the Palace. The snake poison is nothing. Do you still remember what I told you before? There are still doubts about Yun Ying’s death. I remember You suspect that there is another accomplice on large. Ling Chun said she saw you come out of the Clinic on the day Yun Ying was killed. Why did you go to the Clinic? Why did you ask Ling Chun not to keep it secret? Because if she said it, my life will be in danger. I heard someone wanted to harm Tian So I went to warn her Who is the person? Li Baochuan. Huh I suffered 30 beatings for Tian once. It made Baochuan unhappy. He threatened me more than once. When Tian said you forced her to take Black Scent, you said that it was her illusion. What exactly is the truth? Please forgive me for hiding the truth from you. Why did you do that? I got threatened by Baochuan. To protect myself, I had no choice. You’re an honored consort. Li Baochuan is just an Eunuch How can he threaten you? Your Majesty All the maids and eunuchs have been threatened by Baochuan. If Baochuan wants to kill someone, it’s not hard for him to make it look like an accident. You harmed Tian in order to save yourself. Tian always treated you like her sister Your Majesty I tried to save Tian If I hadn’t let her off on purpose, how could Tian escape from the Palace and seek your protection? Why didn’t you say it earlier? I can’t say it without proof. And Baochuan has Empress Dowager for support I could only bear it myself. Originally, I wanted to expose it. But once I thought of how Baochuan wanted to kill me… It’s alright if I were to die. But the baby I’m carrying is innocent! To protect myself, I made you angry and caused Tian to suffer. I deserve a thousand deaths! Once I give birth to the baby, I am willing to die to pay for my crime. Yirou You should have told me earlier. Don’t worry I will protect you and the baby from any harm Thank you, Your Majesty Do you believe what Consort Mo said? It sounds reasonable,
but I don’t believe her. I remember the way she looked when she wanted me dead. Then why didn’t you say it to Brother? Brother trusts her deeply. There’s no point telling him If you’re embarrassed, I’ll say it for you Eh Zhesan Don’t go. No. We can’t just let it be. She can’t put all the blame to Li Baochuan. She is no less guilty than other wrongdoers. I’ll uphold justice for you. Eh… Please don’t I will think of a plan Ling Chun died unjustly. I will find out the truth Your servant. Allow us some time Yes Ling Chun is dead And the Emperor suspects you Impossible When I added the poison, no one saw me Did you arrange for those Palace maids to move things? Yes Every Palace maid has her own duty. Reassignment will seem unusual. It’s very common to assign maids in the Palace. But it’s unusual for you to do it. I don’t get it Within a short period of time, you got promoted from a servant
to a 5th-rank officer. It’s unprecedented. The Emperor knows who promoted you It’s not wrong to climb higher. But the higher one climbs, the faster he falls. You weren’t careful enough I was just following your orders Nonsense Frame-up is an additional crime. Oh I said it wrong I worked for Baochuan. But when the Emperor investigates do you think that Li Baochuan will admit that you were working for him? Have mercy on me. I won’t blame you for serving Baochuan When he can promote you, I can save your life. Who do you want to follow? Think it over I know I was wrong I will definitely cut all ties with Baochuan and be loyal towards you Xiangning Eh Aiya Baochuan You’re sick I heard you are sick I felt so sad and anxious. I… Here Yes I prepared some tonics for your nourishment. It will be beneficial to your health. Drink Here I’ll feed you Why isn’t she drinking? Eunuch Li Miss Zhao already drank earlier Aiya There’s no harm in drinking more Come Here Drink Eunuch Li Don’t drink Aiya. This is superb tonic soup specially made for your daughter. Eunuch Li Xiangning has just got better She must be careful of what she eats. If the medicine has conflicting effects, it will only harm her. Aiya It’s just some tonic soup. How can it be harmful? Grand Preceptor Here Try it No Tonic soup made of old ginseng. Try some We are on the same boat. How come you don’t believe me? This is interesting You misunderstood my good intention. Miss. Take care Grand Preceptor Mingjing Don’t allow anyone to enter this room. Just say it’s my order. Yes. Father What did Li Baochuan just tell you? Oh Nothing How are you? Much better But I’ve lied in bed for days, I feel a little bored. It’s alright. I will get Mingjing to take you out for a stroll later. Father You haven’t forgot what you promised me, huh? You said you will retire and resign when I’m recovered. You’re not lying, right? Xiangning Why would I lie to you? But resignation is not like running away from home. I can’t just leave whenever I want to. Give me more time After I hand over everything, I will leave. How long will it take? I can’t say it exactly. But I will make it as soon as possible. Xiangning Don’t worry. I will do what I said. I wish you to take care of your health I have to go I’ll come see you later Fuck Grand Preceptor Zhao Eunuch Li had good intentions. Yeah It was ruined. Yes! Slap yourselves. I’ve worked with Grand Preceptor for 20 years You’re in no position to say those things If you speak ill of Grand Preceptor again, you will lose your tongue. Slap harder! Miss Grand Preceptor cannot just resign. He needs to hand over the job. He should at least set a deadline. It will make me feel more secure. Mingjing I feel that my father is just placating me. He still can’t let go of wealth and power. I think Grand Preceptor means it When he was taking care of you he was really worried and sorrowful Don’t be so pensive Grand Preceptor cares about you the most. I know But I feel unsettled The way my father and Li Baochuan acted I think something will happen Don’t bother about him Why are you here? I’m here to apologize Last time you were here you got Miss Zhao angry Apologize? Who knows if you have a secret agenda? Leave Go ahead I’m sorry I got you angry when you just recovered But I didn’t mean it I’m straight-forward. And I was provoked by your father. Shit. I’m provoked once I see you Fuck off Mingjing, you may leave Sorry I don’t blame you I just wish you remember what you promised me I still remember it Oh yeah This is for you You gave me one last time so you must have one less. I must give you one too. I have a lot. Then take it as a form of apology. I picked it carefully. I don’t know if you like it If you don’t like it, I will exchange it It’s good. I like it Then you’re not mad? Am I a petty girl? Then, I’ll come see you later Hold on Can I ask you to do me a favor? Sure, whatever you want I’m worried Li Baochuan will harm my father Can you secretly protect him? No way He has such great power. He doesn’t need my protection. I know you can’t forgive my father but he’s my only family member I promised not to harm your dad This doesn’t mean I forgive him My dad would retire and resign It was a tough decision Would you do me this favor? But how can I explain it to Stone? Can you give him a chance to have a new start? Didn’t you feel guilty about injuring me? Please help me this time. I’m begging you, please Go Don’t think I’ll spare you just because you saved me It’s a capital crime to kidnap an official I’ll go after you though you’re backed of the Emperor Why did you take me here? You killed Stone I want you to confess Tell him why you killed him It were my subordinates, not me You issued the order. You’re the murder You’re the murder. You stole the books and he harbored a fugitive I was only following the Edict of the late Emperor. I won’t argue with you I shouldn’t have saved your life Don’t act like a savoir Maybe, you sent the killers You saved me to win my trust You know who want you dead If I were to kill you, I’ll do it in broad daylight I’m not you, committing crimes in the name of the late Emperor and taking bribes while pretending to be upright Stone is right here He’s only seven You tried to kill Tian many times, but Tian saved your daughter. Xiangning knows all your evil deeds Yet she asked me to protect you I’m illiterate But I know what’s right and wrong Grand Preceptor How could do it despite your education? I… You’re worried when Xiangning got hurt Stone’s mom also cares about her And what about all the people you harmed? You’re inhuman No Don’t I promised Xiangning I wouldn’t kill you Stay here and repent on your sins! Stone is buried here Can you face him? Zhang Zhesan Please tell the Emperor I’ll say what he wants to know Zhao Fusong will say what happened that year. But you must let him retire and pardon him. The late Emperor’s death mustn’t be simple. Or else he wouldn’t have
used his own life as a term of exchange. He met assassins. If he wasn’t cornered, he wouldn’t be saying it. Don’t you want to know this? This is a good opportunity Where is he? I made him repent in front of Stone’s grave. He seemed to be regretful. Do you want to give him another chance? Okay Tell him I will pardon him. Father Where did you go? I was worried Xiangning Mingjing Don’t worry about me There is nothing wrong Grand Preceptor Miss Zhao rushed back from the Palace the moment she heard you disappeared. Father, where did you go last night? Why didn’t you tell your subordinates? Xiangning I went to look for some colleagues. I told them I want to retire and resign. And I also gave them some orders. We chatted until early morning. Are you really going to retire and resign? I won’t lie to you Later in the day, I will go tell the Emperor about this. Father This is too great Go pack up Dismiss the maids and servants Give them some money Let them go home for a good life Thank you Go to prepare. I will go see the Emperor Mingjing Let’s go Your servant, Majesty. Fine. Thank you, Your Majesty I heard from Zhang Zhesan that you will allow me to retire. Is it for real? A king won’t eat his words. Tell me the real reason
behind the late Emperor’s death, I will promise you this. Your Majesty This is not a small situation I must talk to you privately. Grand Preceptor Please Your Majesty I worked in the Upper Library 20 years ago I helped the late Emperor to draft reports and review documents. Your Majesty I said I won’t see anyone Your Majesty, the Empress Dowager has a headache again. Grand Preceptor Just a second I’ll see the Empress Dowager Yes Why didn’t you tell me before coming to the Palace? Why did you meet the Emperor? To discuss state affairs. Do I need to report to you beforehand? Was it about state affairs or past affairs? It’s been 20 years We’ve kept this secret for so long Grand Preceptor Zhao You bastard! Why did you give in at the critical moment?

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