【English Sub】Story of Yanxi Palace – Ep 70 延禧攻略 | Comedy Romance Drama

Watching the person in the mirror’s countenance pale and grow haggard, Examining love together with regret, both new and old. Keeping watch still by a lantern though it is daybreak, drenched with tears, Watching others meet as promised, as twilight falls. Story of Yanxi Palace
FINAL EPISODE – Episode 70 Let me ask you now. When the Imperial boat was met with danger… did you think of me for half a second? The Empress is tired. Help her rise and depart!Your Highness, stop talking.– Your Highness–
– If I don’t speak, I will be suffocated! Look at me. My hair is in a mess. My makeup is melted.And also my hand,I wanted to dash into the fire to save my husband, save my Emperor! Even if the flames leaves scars on my hand, it’s not painful at all. I don’t feel any pain at allbecause you were in danger, I wanted to save you.Even if I couldn’t save you, I was willing to die with you. But this woman… This is a revolt! Even if I prepared early, it wasn’t foolproof. But when Your Majesty knew it was dangerous, you even sent all your guards to protect her! What did she do for you? Nothing. Nothing at all. Wei Yingluo has never loved you! She only loves herself!To obtain her goals, she kept using you.You don’t treasure the person who loves you. You treasured the person who doesn’t love you! Hongli, you are a fool! No, I’m the fool instead. I…in this kingdom, am the biggest fool and the stupidest woman in this world. Your Highness the Empress. Take the Empress away. Go away! What are you trying to do? Are you really crazy? Your Majesty, Empress Xiaoxian loved you, but loved freedom even more. Noble Consort Gao loved you, but loved the Gao family even more. Consort Chun never loved you. And all the others? They just see wealth and prestige Only I. I’m the only one in Forbidden City who clearly loves you! Just one confidential letter and you were easily able to mobilize the Hangzhou military. You still dare to say that you are only and fully devoted to me? Not just the Hangzhou military. Jiangnan officials that we passed by, they have already become puppets. When my father passed away, I realized the importance of power. All these years, I sent people to gather countless secrets of princes and dukes, cabinet ministers and officials of both military and scholar sectors. There were those who were greedy. There were those who neglected their duties. There were those who committed crimes.Thus, they were afraid of meand had to obey me. On the day when Your Majesty dies, I would then become the secondEmpress Dowager Xiaozhuang! (T/N Bumbatai, consort of Taizong, who held power over her son the Shunzhi Emperor and as one of Four Regents over Kangxi Emperor until her death) You are committing a revolt! The harem can’t get involved in state affairs! I did it to protect myself! Lady Hoifa-Nara, you finally admitted it. I had a hundred, a thousand opportunities to kill you. Every night and day, the voices would tell me, “Take action. Take action”. But I couldn’t do it. My heart and feelings couldn’t bear to. I couldn’t harm my husband. I couldn’t harm my beloved one. I couldnt harm you. Put down the knife. Did you think I would hurt her? The one whom I hate the most, it’s not her. It’s you instead. Aisin-Gioro Hongli. I hate you very much. I hate you. Your Highness the Empress! Manchu clansmen, other than for a state funeral cannot cut their hair!Crazy. Her Highness the Empress has really gone crazy!By doing this, you are cursing me and also the Emperor! The Empress is arrogant and displayed signs of insanity. Escort her back to the Forbidden City now. Imperial Brother. My mistake has nothing to do with the Empress. May Imperial Brother not implicate her. Drag him out.I’m willing to receive thousands of lashes.Yuan Chunwang! How dare you! You even dare to use a knife in front of His Majesty? You liar. You tricked me for many years. You are really crazy.Your Majesty, they have gone insane! Insane!Under the threats of Her Highness the Empress,I committed many tyrannical deeds. I’m willing to make up for it and point out one by one to Your Majesty those officials that were bribed to throw themselves into their camp! May Your Majesty please spare my life! The person who carefully planned this is now saying that he was forced by others? You…are you really that innocent? Yingluo, are you saying that this eunuch planned everything? For the past days, I kept thinking about the stories you told me.My father lived in avery, very big house.I was in front of him and he refused to acknowledge me.Those brothers of minehave noble and wealthy blood flowing in them.Everyone of them is a noble person. As for me…At that time, I only cared about my sadness.I wasn’t paying attention to him.Hence, I sent someone to your hometown, Taixing Mountain. Taixing Mountain? Quick. Everyone, leave. Everybody out! Everybody out! Yingluo, who exactly is he? Empress Dowager. Inthe past, you said that when the late Emperor was being chased by killers, Lady Qian distracted them. Later on, the late Emperor hid in a farm house. And he . . . the daughter of the farm that took in the late Emperor, he’s the son she bore. Noble Consort Ling, I don’t know what you are talking about. Xiao Quanzi didn’t sleep for days and nights and returned by boat today. He also brought a neighbor as witness. Would you like to meet him? Wei Yingluo. Empress Dowager, he claims that the blood of the Aisin-Gioro clan is flowing in his veins. But the previous Prince Lian of the First Rank maliciously took revenge on him and sent him to the palace. You instigated Prince He of the First Rank to revolt. Kept pressuring the Empress! He wanted to borrow the hands of Prince He of the First Rank to kill Empress Dowager and Your Majesty! Once he succeeded, when he returned to the Forbidden City, he would betray Prince He of the First Rank and expose his crimes in front of the Imperial clan. By then, Your Majesty, Empress Dowager, Empress, and Prince He of the First Rank, all the people that hate him will successfully all have been eliminated! A lowly eunuch would actually be this daring. You’ve played my biological brother within the palm of your hands. May I ask in Your Majesty’s heart, how much is your biological brother worth? Hongli, upon being born, you all enjoyed a lucrative life. You have power and position. Do you know what I’m doing? I’m a “cleaning soldier”! Do you know what that means? It’s the lowest-ranked eunuch in the Forbidden City. Every day, I have to transport commodes and manure carts.Hongli, tell me, on what basisshould you all enjoy glory, splendor and wealth,while I have to live in an inhumane manner!But what does all of these have to do with Yongqi! Yuan Chunwang, why must you switch the decaying bugs of Ye Tianshi? It was a Myanmar corpse bug, you idiot! A Myanmar corpse bug eats corpses. Once it gets contact with flesh and blood, it is very lethal. Why bother acting tough? You saved their Yongqi, but harmed yourself instead! You..! Extend your hand. Let your Emperor see it.Extend your hand.Extend your hand to me. Give me your hand. Yuan Chunwang, where’s the antidote? How could I have an antidote? This strange poison from Myanmar has no antidote. Wei Yingluo, you promised me before that you would accompany me in Yuanming Garden for a lifetime. You didn’t fulfill your promise. That’s fine! I, your older brother, will help you fulfill it. Li Yu! Call for Ye Tianshi! Yes. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? The late Emperor has no illegitimate children. He…isn’t a descendant of Aisin-Gioro. You’re making up things. How could I not know if the late Emperor has an illegitimate child or not? You claim to be the descendant of the Aisin-Gioro Clan. What evidence do you have? Emperor Yongzheng recuperated his injuries in the house of my grandfather. He left behind clothing used by a Prince of the First Rank. That is undeniable hard evidence! Just to save the late Emperor, Lady Qian switched clothes with him. It was a golden official robe. So precious. Would the bandits spare her? Who really took advantage of the chance to rape the daughter of the peasant, we will never know. You’re making up things! There’s no other possibility! It was he! Impossible. You’re lying! You could have been like other people, marry and have children. Live the days of ordinary people. Unfortunately… you believed a lie. You came to the Forbidden City and was forced to turn yourself into auseless person. (T/N eunuch) You have grudges. You have hate. Too bad you bore grudges towards the wrong person. The late Emperor doesn’t have a son like you. The Emperor also don’t have a brother like you. Everything you did was just for naught. So pitiful. Such a pitiful child. No! I’m not pitiful! I don’t need people to pity me! I’m real. I wasn’t wrong. Liar. You’re lying to me, right? You’re lying to me! You deserve to die. You all deserve to die! Take this man away, and kill him by hanging. Don’t! Don’t kill him. Empress Dowager, this man falsely claimed to be an Imperial descendant. He incited a huge disaster and mustn’t be easily forgiven. Emperor, just listen to me this time. – You all deserve to die.
– Take him away. You all deserve to die. Don’t touch me! I’m a prince! I’m a member of the Aisin-GIoro Clan! I really am!I really am from the Aisin-Gioro Clan!I’m an Aisin-Gioro!Spread my decree. Immediately return to the capital. Call for the Imperial Physicians for a consultation! I don’t believe it. There surely will be a way. Isn’t there? Your Majesty, I’ve done my best. It’s just Her Highness… I don’t want to hear useless words. Your Majesty. Don’t make things hard on Imperial Physician Ye. Li Yu, I’ve sent men to inform Fuheng to investigate that bug. Did he send back any message? Your Majesty, there is still no news. Get out. All of you, get out! Yes. You saved Yongqi, yet got gravely injured for it. What have I done wrong? Why is heaven punishing me like this? I have to watch as the people by my side leave me, one by one. Am I not I still well? What about in the future? – Your Majesty.
– I’m not willing to hear it. Get lost! Urgent military report from Myanmar. Your Majesty. Go do your work. I’ll be here waiting for your return. Wait for my return. – Your Highness!
– Your Highness! You all stop crying. Later, the three children will come here. If they see you two crying, I have to make up new excuses again. Zhenzhu. If I die, tell my three children that their mother went to travel the world. I didn’t want to bring them with me. They are such a burden. Your Highness, don’t say such unlucky words! You understand? – Your Highness!
– Your Highness! Doctor Ye! Doctor Ye! – Your Highness…
– Doctor Ye. Hurry. Save Her Highness. Let Her Highness lie down properly. Stop just standing there. Go get me some clean water. Yes…! – Gugu, go get me some clean handkerchiefs.
– Okay. Doctor Ye, the water is here. Hurry! Hurry!Doctor Ye, I beg you. Save Her Highness!Save Her Highness!Your Highness! Your Highness! Your Highness!Her Highness is awake. She’s awake.Your Highness, Lord Hailancha is here.Hailancha? Didn’t you go to Myanmar with Fuheng to battle? How come… Our army has defeated the Myanmar Army. The Myanmar people sent an envoy to negotiate for peace. I then delivered the memorial back to the Forbidden City. I just knew it. Fuheng will surely win. Is he returning with the main army? Of course. Lord Hailancha brought back the antidote. If not because of that, how could you have awakened? Antidote? It was a miracle pill made from the sacred heart plant of Myanmar. The sacred heart plant grows in a swampy area with malarial infestation. It can cure the poison of the corpse bug, preserve one’s beauty, and make you stay forever young. It’s also called “Beauty-Stabilizing” pill. Your Highness, you have indeed earned good fortune out of a disaster. Where is Fuheng? Just to collect the sacred heart herb, he contracted malaria. He insisted to continue commanding army despite his illness, and refused to leave the battlefield. I’ve urged him numerous times, but he was too stubborn! Hailancha, where is Fuheng now? Fuheng’s corpse… has been transported back to the Forbidden City. ♫Softly falling into the hollow of my palm,♫ ♫Resting frozen in the center of my palm.♫ ♫Our meeting across past incarnations was inevitable,♫ Hailancha… Sorry. I wasn’t able to bring him back safely. But Fuheng said the malarial illness will cause unending trouble. So many soldiers will die.If we couldn’t attain victory in one go, we would just kept being pushed back.He’s the main commander. He could only die, but never retreat. Even if he had just one breath left, he must attain victory. Noble Consort Ling, Fuheng asked me to ask you one question. Say it. Wei Yingluo, with this life, I’ve guarded you. I’ve guarded you enough. In the next life, can you be the one to guard me instead? ♫I hear the sound of the snow slowly falling♫ ♫Though I close my eyes, it’s impossible to stop the vision.♫ I was rude. I hope Noble Consort Ling can fully recover soon. I… I will take my leave.
I hear the sound of the snow slowly falling♫ ♫As though you are holding me closely, and speaking sweetly.♫ ♫Opening your eyes to a sky filled with merciless snow falling,♫ Noble Consort Ling… ♫Who, after suffering this loss for a lifetime, is fond of this scene?♫ I know that you’re the most favored woman of His Majesty. You’re also the most powerful woman here in Forbidden City. But how come… you wouldn’t even give him any bit of a chance? ♫ Endless tears, believing it cannot be true, ♫ ♫In this life, being born under an unlucky star.♫ – Zhenzhu.
– Your Highness. I want to be alone for a while. – You may leave now.
– Yes. His Majesty will surely be happy to learn that you’re now fine. I’ll go inform him of this wonderful news now. ♫ Nothing you can do about being approached, not being inconsistent in love, ♫ ♫ Though merely holding onto it from the outside, prone to this sort of circumstance. ♫ ♫I hear the sound of the snow slowly falling♫ ♫As though you are holding me closely, and speaking sweetly.♫ ♫Opening your eyes to a sky filled with merciless snow falling,♫ ♫Who, after suffering this loss for a lifetime, is fond of this scene?♫ Okay. I promise you. ♫Who, after suffering this loss for a lifetime, is fond of this scene?♫ Your Highness, it’s time to eat. His Majesty removed my servants and took back my conferment treasure. He removed my status as the Empress. He didn’t leave me anything. But the food here every day and your attitude towards me are totally unlike the treatment for a criminal. Your Highness the Empress, I’m a servant that once served Imperial Consort Dowager Yu. Prince He of the First Rank?Prince He of the First Rank said that he hopes you’ll be well.Is he living well? There’s no living well for a criminal. His Majesty considered that they are biological brothers and just locked him in his Prince He Manor. He didn’t torment him further. That’s good then. He…didn’t say anything else? Nothing. Thank you. I will take my leave. Thank you for the fact you’re still willing to come here. Why do you wish to see me? Everyone is saying that the Empress has gone insane. This incited the Emperor to spurn her. It was you who begged him for leniency, so my last bit of dignity was preserved. But I want to know why you begged for leniency on my behalf? Have you forgotten how I maltreated you? Moreover, you’re not a woman with a soft heart, who would repay evil deeds with kindness. Empress, do you still remember that I collapsed after entering the Workhouse?You sent an Imperial Physician to save me.Get an Imperial Physician to examine her.Oh? That matter happened so long ago. I don’t remember it anymore. Even if you don’t remember, it’s enough that I do. From now on, we don’t owe each other anything. If there’s nothing else, I’m very busy. You knew even before that Yuan Chunwang would make his move, am I right? With your intelligence, you only have one reason for indulging him to move step by step. That is to reach Prince He of the First Rank. Noble Consort Ling, it’s been twenty-four years. It’s exactly been twenty-four years. You have never forgotten the death of your sister. You want Hongzhou to pay with his life. You want him to lose everything. But you also know that His Majesty puts so much importance on brotherhood. It’s impossible that he’ll kill Hongzhou. Unless… Empress, you’re overthinking. It was indeed like that. It’s probable that the only unexpected part is Yuan Chunwang dragging you to hell with me. What a pity he also failed there too? I should leave. Last question. I spent decades but was still unable to win his heart. What method did you really use to make His Majesty love you this much? Your Highness the Empress, you love him so much, but why must you tell him? The person who speaks of love first is the loser. What a joke. What a joke. This is so funny! Prince He of the First Rank, His Majesty instructed me to send you off. Yes. His Majesty gives much importance to brotherhood. He is allowing you to return to your manor after drinking this wine. Looks like… Imperial Brother wants me to die from illness. Prince, please. He clearly had set up a fool-proof trap, but he was still laughingly chatting with me. I finally understood why Royal Grandfather chose him. He…is indeed… the person with the coldest heart and most ruthless methods in this world. Look at what good item I’ve brought you. Look…don’t… Don’t steal it! Let me play it for a while, okay? He has gone severely mad, but Empress Dowager just won’t kill him. Don’t know what the reason is. He keeps claiming that he’s a royal descendant. Your Highness, is it true? Father said that I’m the real one! Whether it’s true or not, it’s not important anymore. Isn’t returning to where you’ve come fromgood also?Did you hear it? Father said that I can ride horses.I’ll ride one. Kneel!Kneel down first. I want to ride on your back.Greetings Your Highness the Imperial Noble Consort Ling. Wishing Imperial Noble Consort Ling thousands of good fortunes and golden health.How does it feel to become the Imperial Noble Consortand see people bow to you?Greetings, Your Majesty. Rise. So relaxing. For the man who gave you such honor, don’t you have anything to say? Nothing. You have no conscience. Your Majesty, I don’t have a conscience. Why then are you still favoring me? I can’t do anything about it. Admit it. Investing in my body, Your Majesty has wasted so much time. You’re unwilling for everything to go in vain, so you fell deeper and deeper. Even if you’re gravely sick, I still put official matters first, because I’m the Emperor. I don’t understand what love is. Stop assuming. Looks like we’re the same. Answer my question again. If you dare speak nonsense again, I’ll cut off your head. Your Majesty places the empire at the top spot, yet you request me to love you the most. You are so domineering! Wei Yingluo. Your Majesty, regarding the question you asked earlier, I don’t have an answer right now, but I will use a lifetime to answer you. Just continue waiting.[Translation Note: Promotion date: July 28, 1765. She gave him one more son, 17th Prince Yonglin, June 1766. She was never made Empress while living, but acted as one. She died in 1775 at 47, buried with the same rank and new title of Lingyi. ] [After her passing in 1775, Qianlong gave her a new title. At Qianlong’s abdication in 1796 to her son Yongyan, Emperor Jiaqing, created Empress Xiaoyi and raised her clan. Qianlong kept power until his death age 87 (W)/89 (C) in 1799 ]It’s very likely that recalling vivid images will throw me into upheaval,♫ ♫The past graceful, concerning passions have gone only into hibernation.♫ ♫Along with my lord, my original aspirations are now distant, the promises and wishes to accompany each other♫ ♫Are proof of yearning endured, trembling in the endless night.♫ ♫How true our feelings were, even though our fate was shallow,♫ ♫Hearts locked away in dark halls from the light, difficult to find and recover.♫ ♫Other people envy my splendid, bright clothing, the warmth beside my pillow, (T/N the love of her lord)♫ ♫Then turning round sigh admiringly, through wet tears in somber-colored robes.♫ ♫Who clearly would cling to a moment of being in love and inseparable?♫ ♫The end of passion becomes merely a sentimental entanglement.♫ ♫If one uses separation to cut away the bindings,♫ ♫Forgetting one another is also difficult in the depths of one’s dreams.♫ ♫Who clearly would still cling to these deep feelings and desire them again,♫ ♫And give free rein to this state of mind over and over in their dreams?♫ ♫Glory and splendor give shelter to appearing to forget the pain,♫ ♫From dreams awakening after a time, with nothing new to worry about.♫ ♫Treating them like smoke dissipating, ashes flying away, cold hoarfrost under the moonlight…♫ ♫All the memories of love, memories of hate….♫ ♫All the memories completely vanish.

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