【武漢】被感染的急診科女護士 Episode 21

Hi,I‘m Haitang. Today is the 39th day of my wife’s infection. This morning she sent me a video of her taking a nasal strip. I was shocked. This is a swab of nucleic acid. It’s very thin. Can you see it? There’s a reagent in the test tube. She dictated the procedure the day before yesterday, and I can feel a little of that feeling. She dictated the procedure the day before yesterday, and I can feel a little of that feeling. It’s hard just to look at it. She is so brave. My eyes are streaming. I pinched the position and didn’t move my hand. According to their requirements, stretch to the position of the line. I always go a little deeper. I didn’t sneeze today. Just like that. What would you like to eat? You don’t come out, I beg you, I don’t want to eat anything. I’ll drop by the hospital on my way to work. Be careful not to get infected. Do you want to feel sick for yourself? Can I stay in the same ward with you? Hahaha probably not. I’m leaving the hospital soon. Today the doctor said I could leave the hospital. Didn’t you say nucleic acid positive yesterday? Suspected. Not confirmed. The doctor will have to take another test. That’s great. That’s to be tested again, right? You scared me yesterday. What would you like to eat? Nothing. Is it inconvenient for you to draw blood with your gloves on? Can I help you? Last time I helped xiao hong draw blood. Can you help me? Although my wife was ill, she did not forget that she was a nurse. Because the nurse wore two layers of gloves and goggles and could not see clearly, so it was not very convenient. Mr. Liu, who was in the same ward with my wife, was too old to find blood vessels. My wife helped the nurse draw the blood. It’s actually a dangerous behavior. But she said she was now a virus and was not afraid. What were you doing? Nothing. I gave someone an injection. Xiao hong and I used to give each other injections. Because they were wearing gloves, the indwelling needle was inconvenient. Because they wear gloves, they are not easy to stick. It’s really inconvenient. Yesterday’s nucleic acid test was suspected. Yesterday’s nucleic acid test was suspected. It was tested again today.The time of discharge will be postponed again. I was worried that she would be anxious after spending so much time in the hospital. I’m going to bring her something to eat while I’m out shooting tomorrow. Accidentally, the bottle of sauce was broken. And the chicken feet, I don’t know which part went wrong, the oil was all over the place. My neck hurts a bit. I still need to learn more about cooking. Today, I received a new shooting assignment to take aerial photos of some changes in wuhan during this period. By the way, I’ll bring some food to my wife. I set off. This is for the patient in the hospital. Is it for her to come down and get it? Write a note. Need her to come down and get this? She couldn’t come down. The patient can’t come down. The patient can’t come down. Tie the mouth of the bag tight and tell me how many parcels are available. All tied up. Three bags. I’ve divided it up. There are for you, and also for miss liu. All right. Throw gloves away when you go out. Ask someone to spray something on your gloves and take them off. I know I know. Ok, bye. After delivering the meal to my wife, I hurried to the aerial photography place to work. Parrot island bridge is less congested, Hanzheng street has never been so deserted. The hanshow theater looks lonely without the background of traffic flow. Although the east lake scenery village is about to be demolished, But it used to be the busiest place on the east lake. Now wuhan is just pressed the pause button. We will defeat the virus. We will heal our city. Don’t shoot.
Don’t you shoot over there again. Have you eaten yet? How are you today? Do you have a fever? As soon as you said that, I knew you were filming. I’ve been with you for six years, and I’ve learned to judge what you’re doing by the tone of your voice. Well, I don’t have to ask. I feel you are in good form today. You’re back to posturing. “How are you feeling today? It’s like a doctor’s rounds. I’m very well today, Dr. CAI. You haven’t told me what the doctor said this morning. Check again today and get the result tomorrow. If it is negative, two days later to do another, or negative, you can be discharged. Although the last test result is suspected, but the wife’s state of mind is very good. She no longer has a fever. Look forward to tomorrow’s nucleic acid results all smooth.

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  1. Thank you both for sharing your harrowing stories and your brave, sensible response. The fact that you didn't panic but were very resourceful was great. Thanks again

  2. 海棠,你知道吗?你和李婷的视频太重要了,现在海外自媒体简直疯了,你的视频能给大家看到现在真正的武汉是什么样子,看看我们国家在这场战疫中取得的阶段性胜利。

  3. 你老婆表面上看很厉害,但心底还是挺善良的,长得也漂亮。加油💪一定会好起来的。经过这次磨难,你们感情更深了。

  4. What a great video. Your wife is feeling much better, you can tell. She is funny, confident and strong! She knew you were filming…..again! 😂
    After six years she absolutely knows you, Haitang. That was funny. Sometimes when you filmed her she was sharp and upset. Now she wags her finger at you and laughs. How good it is to see her laugh. I’m excited to see her released from the hospital, soon. Even when she goes into quarantine, it’s another step to getting home. Again, your drone shots are beautiful. Keep strong Wuhan, such a beautiful city.
    Best wishes always.

  5. Nice to see you getting better and hoping to be discharged soon. I’m here in Chicago we have 9 infected so far some are discharged hospitals doesn’t keep them there. Just let them continue self confinement at home..really weird…

  6. 自己能做鼻咽篩檢太屌了…

  7. Some of US hospitals are short of nurses. I don’t know how they cope up this trouble if full blown. I just trust the Lord for his divine protection……

  8. 祝福你们, 战争还没有结束, 加油加油, 继续加油 ,不许失败,必须胜利, 好样的👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏

  9. What an amazing & selfless person Li Tung is ~ after being ill & recovering from COVID ~ 19 ~ Li Ting is now also fulfilling her nurse duties too ~ seriously God Bless Her & what a wonderful person 😊💕🙏💕✌️

  10. Hai you look so tired you need to take care of yourself my dear Li laughter warmed my heart she’s looking extremely well now I remember when she was crying out in pain now she’s laughing thank God stay safe my loves❤️❤️

  11. I follow you guys like youre part of my family… Lol Im so glad to hear her laughing and you as well. Youre such a loving caring husband, you are a great example of what it means when it says for better or worse. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. When she comes home, I know im gonna cry happy tears😊😊😊😊😊

  12. Things are much better now in Wuhan and China, hope you will record the reunion of your family, that will be a wonderful ending of this love story in pandemic.

  13. Fighting your wife will be ok you are an amazing I am just looking forward to seeing you and family💖👍👍

  14. I'm glad to know that she will get home soon,and hope your couple stay healthy 😍😍fighting 1🎆🎆🎉

  15. 39 days is long time…why is every country just saying quarantine for two weeks?!?!? Li Ting looks and sounds just fine, no high temp..yet she is still being tested. I think it's wonderful that she will hopefully be home soon…just seems like the western world are learning nothing from this!

  16. 看的讓人好心痛 海棠 可以這樣叫你嗎小兄弟 我覺得你老婆好勇敢 身為台灣人的我 尊敬你老婆 他是一個白衣的天使 也可以說是人間菩薩

  17. 沒關係小兄弟 失敗是成功之母 繼續加油啊 為了你的老婆 加油 不過 下次注意安全 要不然 會前功盡棄

  18. 對了很對不起 海棠 兄弟 剛剛我把你的影片分享 給我們台灣的同胞 讓他們了解 現在武漢的情形 真是對不起沒經過你的 準許 還請原諒

  19. thank you for your hard work and dedication to show the world the truth . i pray for your wife to be virus free .

  20. Holy crap she polled her brain with that one!😳gross chicken feet!🤮poor chicken rides a wheel chair can’t walk!😭

  21. Pls I hope every country take this virus seriously, the reason why this virus is so dangerous is not bcz the CFR or the Rate of patients need hospitalization.

    R0=3-5 or more, its how contagious this virus is. its like CRAZY if you compare to SARS(R0=2+ ). Theoretically if there is two virus, ones R0=2 anothers R0=4, you let these 2 different viurs spread 30 days without control, the results could be 50-100 times different, the exponential growth is CRAZY,

    If 1000 ppl get infected by SARS, there is 20% of them need ICU bed, 200 bed needed its bearable for all country. But at the same time C19 would infect 50000 ppl, 10% patients need ICU bed( =5000), you need 25 times more ICU beds than SARS, numbers keep going up, it will turn any country into Hell,

    And you know LItings condition is up and down for very long time, that means one patient will occupy medical resource for some time and new patients keeps coming in(bcz of exponential growth), medical resource will run out very fast. the patients dont have proper medical care by ICU were suffer at home, they died of suffocation bcz pulmonary infection, and their family members wait the mortuarys car to carry out the body more than 24 hours, thats what happen in Wuhan a mouth ago And its still happening in Italy and Iran

    And the RATE OF DEATH is mainly depend on if all patients get proper care or not, if the answer is YES then you have the CFR under 1% like Korean and Singapore, If its NO then CFR is 3-5%+ in Wuhan, Italy and Iran


  22. I will pay Li Ting to come to the USA, to be my nurse!!👍
    Haitang must stay home,I'd be nervous around a cinematographer!
    BUT I'm not eating chic feet!!!☠
    What percentage of people have that length of stay in the hospital??

  23. 祝早日康復,武漢很漂亮,暫停鍵結束後,我想去武漢旅遊。那天看一個日本小妺妹為武漢募款的視頻,說武漢的樱花很漂亮。

  24. You really love her:)) so cute. You’re courageous, Bravo!! 真正爱情没有距离,你跟她朝夕相处!加油!

  25. 我觉得海棠李婷等疫情过去后,可以继续拍拍生活视频,吃喝拉撒,油盐酱醋都行。很多外国人其实对中国好奇陌生又有很多误解,武汉的热干面,樱花和小龙虾都可以介绍给他们看看,算是回报很多关心你们的外国人。祝你们幸福安康

  26. I've been checking for your updates every day. Thank you for this. Still praying for your family. 🙏🙏🙏

  27. 担心了这几天,终于看到你的视频了,加油,李婷海棠!祝李婷早日康复!祝倆公婆幸福安康!

  28. So glad to see you both laughing being so positive. I look forward to seeing the updates. So happy she is doing well. Much love and many blessings ♥️🙏🏻

  29. Loving your updates, first thing I look for when I open youtube. Your wife said she can read your intentions through your voice patterns, that is a caring person who can do that, not surprising she is a nurse, I bet a great one at that. Whatever life throws at you, just look back at these videos and you will see and feel the love between you guys, everyone who watches one of your videos feels the love. Something we as people can always use more of. Take care of each other.

  30. prayers still pouring in. Your wife is in good spirits that is wonderful. Wuhan will one day soon have the pause button removed & it once more will be a bustling thriving city Wuhan is sleeping right now trying to get better ( Judy )

  31. Your wife is so beautiful! Can’t wait to see her come home! Sending my love to you guys from Australia 🇦🇺 xx

  32. Your journey is inspiring. Here in the states our numbers are rising as testing is just beginning to get underway. I just hope and pray our system takes the same conservative approach in continued retesting before patients are discharged from hospitals and quarantine. Our politicians are answering questions about covid19 like Hai Tang did when Li Ting asked him about filming; obvious avoidance. Very worrisome.

  33. All this mess just because Chinese eating crazy things. Here in Sweden we got over 200+ already, just last week we had just 45. It getting out of control.

  34. We all are very scare that this virus 🦠 is coming so close to us also . But they way you and your wife is fighting with this situation, gives us also so much of courage . Hope she returns to pink of her health soon . And you too be safe and take care .
    Love from a family in India 🇮🇳

  35. 39 DAYS thats a "flu" you don't want. And with a toddler! Nightmare. My heart goes out to all the suffering, especially the separated families.

  36. Thank you for sharing. Happy for that she is much,much better now. Continue to keep it up. Take care ❤❤❤

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