【武漢】被感染的急診科女護士 Episode 15

Hello everyone, I’m Haitang Now, the whole Wuhan has blocked down My community only allow us to shop for once per three days Haitang: For today, Did the doctor say anything when he checked you? About the result of the examination? Liting: Yes, he showed me it It was negative Haitang: That’s good Liting: indeed, but I’m worried it just for temporary I’ll re-check it after tomorrow or later Or when they are free for the examination Haitang: When will it be? Liting: I’m not sure It’s not like what they said, I need to keep checking my status Haitang: But they said twice-negative can be discharged from the hospital Liting: twice that, plus CT shows the decreasing infection Haitang: So it’s a combination result, nucleic acid, and CT Liting: and a blood test, it’s complicated Haitang: My wife’s nucleic acid results are both negative It makes me so happy but we also need to wait for other references After that, she can leave the hospital Liting says she wants to eat some meat So I prepared for her with a couple of dishes I made a stewed pork a Red Brassica campestris and a braised chicken wings Stewed ribs with yam My wife loves a flower, I’d like to give her one Haitang: Hey, I want to ask do you sell flowers tomorrow? flowers Seller: THe city is blocked, there aren’t any followers coming in Haitang:: Excuse me, do you have any flower now? flower Seller: We current out of flowers, we will back to business after the epidemic Haitang: Ok I got it, thanks I suddenly notice we have some dry flowers on our dining table So I decide to do it myself it’s not bad I cleaned Liting’s room Before I go to the hospital Wore the protection suit This is the first time I get in her room In seven days Although people say that the virus only lives for 5 days but I need to use extra caution for this I’m on my way to the hospital and she doesn’t know it I’m planing a surprise Haitang: I’m delivering something I’ve already write done the info, I’ve been here once Security: Put your stuff together Haitang: there is only one bag Security: would you ask for permission? Haitang: there should be no problems Security: We need a picture as the security check And then we might allow you to leave your bag here Haitang: No worries, I’ve already taken the pic Haitang: Thank you! So, I just finished the delivery, I’m heading to the clinic department to have an examination I didn’t sleep well last night and Sweated all night long Haitang: Hello, I’d like to register for the clinic Nurse: May I have your insurance card? Haitang: Medical Insurance? Nurse: Yes, give me the number is fine The CT result shows there is a small node on my right lung I was kinda scared Then I had a blood test So when the result came out I also ask a doctor friend, works at this hospital Haitang: So I just get my answers, He believes that I should be fine Because I don’t really have any symptom or the evidence To directly determine the disease So My blood test is normal and now I’m going back home for self-quarantine Haitang: Hello? What’s up? Liting: I thought your phone is broken Why didn’t you answer my calls? Haitang: When? Liting: Do you hide someone in our home? Haitang: most certainly, come back and take a look1 Liting: Gosh, I call a lot of facetime to you And you didn’t say anything after picking it up I thought your phone is dead and I worried you cannot buy a new one in this situation Haitang: My phone is fine I might accidentally touch it while I sleep Liting: I received some flowers, anonymously I’m wondering who did it Haitang: let me see it Liting: It really looks like our dry flower on the dining table Haitang: now I wonder it too. Liting: I told you not to come My nurse was laughing when she gave me the flowers Then I saw a bundle of dry flower Liting: You seem not nervous about my CT result? Haitang: you did the test this morning, right? Haitang: What the doctor said? Liting: Still some infections on both bottom of lungs, although it’s decreasing But I’m not sure how much exactly it decreased Haitang: It’s getting better, right? Liting: yes. Haitang: then it’s great, give it some days You are doing great Haitang: How about the nucleic acid? Was the nucleic acid test done yesterday Will the result come out today or tomorrow Liting: Now it is mainly subject to CT Haitang: don’t worry, you’re getting better now Liting: I don’t think so, I now have the virus in both lungs, and I’m afraid it will grow a new one when it gets better Liting: Can you understand? (patient) As long as there are no other conditions, that’s a good thing Liting: I’m afraid of the new one Haitang: don’t worry about it She had another nucleic acid test yesterday It’s positive this time She also had a CT scan The result of her CT showed a decrease in infections in both lungs She’s getting better The nucleic acid just means she still has the virus actually, I don’t worry about it the CT matters There’s no problem if the CT shows a good result Her chest is not very comfortable these days It could be a heart problem caused by the virus it needs a test tomorrow I don’t like cooking when there’s no one I cooked only when I felt hungry Honey has a video chat with me three times a day She cares about my daily meals She says only by eating well and resting well can you improve your immunity and fight against the virus It snowed heavily in Wuhan yesterday But I got up late this morning It’s already sunny outside Staying home is quite boring I’m going to the roof to play with the drone such a good day The quilt should have been hung in there on such a fine day It’s beautiful This is Moshui Lake very beautiful It snowed heavily yesterday but it’s shining today Hopefully, the outbreak will look something like this The cold and the haze can go away it’s still another day of sun Haitang: How’s he going (a doctor in Liting’s hospital) Liting: He felt really bad the other day Haitang: Does he getting better now? Liting: better now, but he didn’t do a CT scan Liting: He chats with me during mealtime Liting: He felt hungry at 4pm I used to be on duty with him Recently, darling often talked with me about a doctor in her department they always on duty My darling and he are good friends, unfortunately, he got infected His situation is worse than my darling Didn’t the head nurse let him live upstairs Liting: Because his illness is so serious that can’t change his ward Liting: He said he wants to know my Weibo account Liting: I didn’t tell him Haitang: I think you can also record his current situation Haitang: so touching Haitang: You’ll feel it Liting: we need a quiet atmosphere Haitang: Have a good rest! I’m hanging up Haitang: bye Liting: bye Haitang: open your camera Son: dad, help me Son: show the toys to me Haitang: toys? Haitang: I see, you speak very well now Haitang: Is this one? I’ll give it to you when I pick you up Haitang: Is that ok? Son: are you beating the ‘monster’ now? Haitang: yes, mom and I are doing the same thing Son: but why you are staying at home Son: why mom is staying at the hospital? Son: why? Son: Why you didn’t pick me up? Liting: Why aren’t mom and dad together Liting: because Haitang: Sweetie, you’ve been so grumpy these days Haitang: Jingheng Cai Liting: Because mom had contacted with a lot of patients Liting: You see, Mom may pass the virus on to dad Liting: Do you know what our son just say Liting: Mom should buy clothes for me, dad should give me toys Liting: sweetie Liting: sit well, listen to your mom now Liting: The hospital’s going to turn off the lights. Mom’s going to bed Liting: Don’t cry after mommy and daddy say goodbye to you Liting: If you didn’t cry, mom will take you to the supermarket twice Liting: You can buy everything you want, OK? Son: NO Son: I don’t want chips any more Liting: no chips any more? hang up now, OK? Liting: Let’s do it tomorrow, shall we Liting: don’t cry, ok? Son: I’ll hang up Liting: good job Haitang: love you Son: bye bye Haitang: I’m afraid of talking to my son now Maybe he doesn’t understand what’s going on out there I hope he can figure it out in the future those grandparents, aunties, mom and dad they’re protecting our next generation with their lives I hope he can be a doctor in the future for those who struggle with illness give them hope and health

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  1. To friends who are concerning Liting & Haitang.
    They have received a lot of encouragement and good wishes from friends all around the world. Since li Ting's second examination result was positive, therefore there was still time for her to be discharged from the hospital. After Haitang and ErgengTV had a serious discussion, we decided to keep uploading their stories, start from this weekend. Please subscribe to us and keep our fingers crossed for this lovely young family.

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  2. Hang in there both of you! Yes, she is getting better! All of you will come though this! A sweet husband who loves her wife dearly!

  3. I feel so bad for them I pray God all over them . that he will send his angels to surround them protect them and for Gods healing protection to be placed all over this couple that God heals them quickly.

  4. There's so many rumors that this virus doesn't affect children? Can anybody give me some insight as to if this is true or not. I feel like it's a matter of time til it's here in California. I Wana prepare accordingly

  5. i am following their story 😢 Hope this monster virus will stop multiplying— its causing a lot of devastation already to many many people 🙏🏼

  6. 为奋斗在一线的医护人员致敬,也为同样身在疫区的世界人民们加油!众志成城希望全世界早日控制住疫情,恢复正常的生活!Forza Cina – Forza Italia!

  7. 听到你儿子说再也不吃薯片了,我已经再也控制不住了,泪如雨下,好懂事的孩子,希望你们全家继续努力,早日团聚,永远幸福,加油!在多伦多祝福你们!

  8. 很漂亮的城市,真的很漂亮…
    改革開放、人民的努力,帶來了空前的成就 ! 然而,歷史給我們的教訓是 : 永遠得不到教訓。

  9. 这男的最道貌岸然 真急还有心思秀吗 只为了自己他老婆就他利用的工具 中国这种渣男很多很多

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  11. Most people get better within one week..if treated with proper medications..Humm…Hope you feel better soon..His wife has the virus a very long time.. I thought you supposed to have eyes and hands covered…Just saying.

  12. 患难见真情,真是个好老公!多注意别被传上了。 老婆也很关心老公。祝愿老婆早日康复,孩子早日回来。长长久久,一家人幸福美满!

  13. The subtitles go away too quickly, so I can't read them aloud to others viewing this video. Hence, I gave up partway through this video, despite it being VERY interesting.

  14. 我希望大家能够理性看待这个视频 因为这些情况可能只是个例的真实情况 事情远比这个要艰苦的多 因为这位护士姐姐 还能够化妆 而且 能够在这种情况下制作这么精良的视频 我觉得多少都有些指向性 我这里是合理的质疑 有反驳我的也ok 毕竟大家都有自己的想法妈 但是我的建议是一定要理性看待 这类视频的指向性 他是否在引导某些观点

  15. Such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your story. Love & best regards to your family and Country from Canada.💖.

  16. Thank u for updating us on your lovely wife and yourself i didnt know u had a son , u have done the right thing on keeping him away from your home with your wife having the virus , she looks better but it seems such a long road ahead to get the virus out of her system . I hope u dont get it , your City looks lovely u and your wife are always in my thoughts everyday stay strong this will end some day soon it cant carry on like it is for ever . /(oVo).

  17. It's so sad to be separated! On the news today it was reported that the lengthy quarantaine was causing some depression in families. Reminds me of when, decades ago, people were sent away to Tuberculosis sanitariums here in the US. I pray that this disease gets controlled world wide.

  18. I don’t hear you exchanging i love you with each other. Once, I heard it with your son. Use lots of garlic in your cooking and onions. Good for immune system along with pepper and chilies

  19. Poor little boy. He’s too young to understand. This is heartbreaking for the whole family. The good news is the sun is out. It gives hope. Here in Oregon in USA in the winter it’s gray skies a lot. When the son comes out it’s so invigorating. Keep smiling. I love how you support each other. What happens when your wife is well and comes home? Do you stay quarantined?

  20. Can someone from Wuhan reply pls?
    What's the real Couse of this virus??😢
    Does it has to do with eating food/ meat

  21. 看到小小的儿子和你们视频时的呐喊…… 心里很难受!!但愿你们俩都没有事!但愿疫情早日结束!加油加油💪……

  22. Que bom já ver ela sorrindo e animada,estimo que tudo volte ao normal aí pra vcs o mais rápido possível,Deus abençoe a China

  23. 石正麗拒絕❌ 武小華對質,威脅動用國家警察👮‍♀️力量!冤有头债有主,很可能石正麗團隊當時沒開發出致命病毒, 武汉P4病毒研究所動物没有消毀,賣給市場作最後单元自然致命變異 https://youtu.be/JMETraj-qGk

  24. Yes. No matter how they are discriminated and what was told by others. These lovely courage Chinese men and women are using their lives to protect this world and future generations. Viruses have no boarders and do not care our nationalities. Some of the international Political agenda created hate and ignorances, which blinded and fooled the world with biases and fears. May God bless China. Fighting Wunhan ! Solute you. Get well soon. Thank you for all you do.

  25. it states on many cleaning products that they kill human corona virus, 5G went on in China in the fall, people have been dropping dead in the street and getting sick since the start of December , lack of oxygen in the blood due to it being microwaved ?

  26. 好几天没有看到你更新 有点担心你们两个 听到你儿子愤怒的责问你们为什么不来接我 快泪奔 加油 💪希望你们一家早日团聚

  27. I wish your family nothing but the best. It's hard to watch and there are so many negative reports surfaced about the dare situation in Wuhan. Watching you guys give us positivity.

  28. Seeing and hearing the baby in such distress made me cry. God please protect this little one's heart and health. God bless your family.

  29. Greetings from the U.S.A. This is a beautiful LOVE STORY that has touched my heart. Thank you for sharing the many days of your private life of going through the healing process from this terrible virus. You and your wife and your adorable son will soon be together again with the dear LORD'S blessing. Remember LOVE conquers all. Thx. For all your informative videos. If we persevere through this and pray we can all get through this. Take care.

  30. 你们对小石头的无奈,让我们很心疼。希望李婷早日康复!希望疫情早日结束!我们在巴黎,祝福你们全家!祝福中国,健康早日回归我们的家乡!!

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  32. awe to who's looking after their son give him lots of hugs and cuddles from his British Auntie , breaks my heart to see that he misses his mommy and daddy so much , praying for you all ,sending up lots of prayers and healing and total revcovery in Jesus precious name

  33. 感谢你的频道关注武汉疫情,有一点疑问他为什么可以开车上街,一般都是有通行证的志愿者才能开车

  34. What an up and down struggle this lovely family is having!! My heart goes out to them ❤ ❤ Stay strong Liting, stay strong Wuhan!

  35. HaiTang, please take care of yourself. You got to take care of yourself first before the family because otherwise you will be even sicker. From across the world, I root for you and all the people of Wuhan. Damn Virus!

  36. “为保障新冠肺炎治愈出院患者及其家人的健康安全,经市新冠肺炎疫情防控指挥部研究决定,即日起,新冠肺炎治愈出院患者完成医院治疗后,应到指定场所统一实施为期14天免费的康复隔离和医学观察。观察期满,身体状况符合条件的解除隔离。”

  37. They are not allowed to have youtube in China, so this is all very odd. AND he was the only one on the roads as your not allowed to just go driving. I wonder if this is all government sponsored to bring inspiration to those in China, though how they can watch this, I have no clue.

  38. Haitang is such a good husband and has such a beautiful family. His son looks a lot like him. I hope for all their sake they will be together soon. This Covid-19 is terrible and will soon infect the world. I hope in their beautiful city of Wuhan, Li Ting, Haitang, and their son will be reunited again. May God bless them.

  39. 退休副厅长的道歉信中,他两次提到一个私人诊所的李医生,治好了他们一家三口确诊的新冠肺炎,其中他的儿子曾经发展到重症。现在他们三人都已经测试转阴,症状全部消失。配制万分之5-10的苯酚溶液,做穴位注射剂,抽取2ml分别注射在两个扶突穴(左右各一)、天突穴、大椎穴,每个穴位0.5ml,就完成了一次治疗。 (临床上常用5-10%的苯酚来治疗腰痛,注射剂量2-5ml,所以苯酚的安全性是毋庸置疑的,我所使用的剂量浓度比他低了一百倍) 很多轻症病人都可以一次退烧 武漢退休軍醫救了15位確證病人 都是86歲106歲 已經超過24天 沒有被感染https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/qx-V_ujp_y-R1D-QPpxFcg

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