بنډار له نجیبې سره – فصل دوم – قسمت ۴۵ / Bandar With Najiba – Season 2 – Episode 45

Hello Afghanistan Bandar with Najiba Hope you are fine and healthy We are hosting you in another episode of Bandar Those who follow Bandar, they may know that in five days episode of Bandar We cover a new topic everyday And we are sharing a question on our Instagram and Facebook And that is regarding the ears As every part of body has its special importance If we miss the smallest finger, We feel the importance And the organ what we hear with what is the value of it And if we loss our hearing sense, What will be out feeling Please share your ideas about the question Through email, Instagram, Facebook Bayat foundation distributes hearing aids for boys, girls, children and adults Yearly, and the round was implemented in the recent days as well And thousands of people come to the aiding camp And receive the hearing aids And we will talk on it And my guests will be those who have lost their hearing sense for years And after using the hearing aids, they have heard voices for the first time And as I have always said, that Bandar is for all It is for all the Afghans And I am very exited about it, and you know that hearing a big grant of God But first let’s turn to the kitchen and ask Yalda what is she going to prepare for the guests I am expecting your comments as well Hello Yalda Hello Najiba Hello dear viewers, I hope you are fine and doing well I decide to prepare Manto this evening First I invite you to watch the price list, Then we will talk on the recipe Mantoo Ingredients Minced meat Onion Dough Daal Coriander Fresh chili Curd Garlic Tomato Tomato paste And Manto is the favorite food for most of the people And all the Afghans may know how to prepare it And Yalda will show you the better way of its preparation Dear viewers, first we cook the minced meat with some onion And add a little oil to that When the meat is cooked we add the onion, the spices such as the black pepper, Red pepper, salt, turmeric, and two spoons of coriander powder We mix them up And don’t fry the onion Then we fill it in the paste, And you know how to tie it up How about the ladies like me who doesn’t know how to tie it up I have already made it Let me show you But you have to make it for us I already cooked the Daal We grate four tomatoes and some garlic And add some tomato paste, turmeric, again red pepper, black pepper and salt Then we add the Daal and some water And let it until it absorbs the spices Then after cooking and dishing it out, we decorate it And garnish it With coriander and curd And serve it with the family Sherzai Saidi writes, Zeba Saba writes, it is a nice program Especially the guest, Shahrukhan Thanks Salam I am your big fan Murtaza writes, hello Najiba Hope you are fine I am Murtaza from Kabul Norullah Nori, Hello Najiba, you have a nice program you are a talented girl And you are also very pretty Thank you so much Norullah Nori It is my duty and I believe that if you work in any with a special enthusiasm, you will pick lots of benefits And you will enjoy working And if I tell you that I have fever, sore throat and so on right nw You won’t believe it But you will find smile in my face from seven to eight Bandar with Najiba Welcome back to Bandar with Najiba I will share your emails And also visit the Facebook page As I already mentioned, every part of the body like mouth, nose, teeth, tongue, even hairs are so valuable And the same is ear we will talk on the issue Bayat foundation serves the people every year So that they will be able to find the hearing ability And the head of medical activities of Bayat Foundation is with us I would like to welcome doctor Sami Hello How nice it is to have such a duty which is a service in deed To the Afghans A job which is a service at the side of earning with it How long have you been working with Bayat Foundation I have been working with Bayat Foundation for about 16 years I joined Bayat foundation since the beginning of its health programs And I am feeling really proud of it When I met the children and the adults, Who were deprived of such a big endowment or grant And how a big job you perform And you open a new window for the person and that is a very precious action And according to the survey, more then 30 thousand People are suffering hearing disability Please tell about the number of hearing aids you distribute every year We started our activities of hearing aids distribution in 2014 And we could help a thousands disables And Wida is among them She is my guest today Wida was our first patient She has improved a lot And Wida looks the same as my sister, who is a doctor And you will feel sad when looking at others who are suffering Please take a short break Welcome back to Bandar with Najiba Dr. Sami i with me And also another person is with me Who is working since seven years with the children with hearing problem And he is a speech therapist For the patient who receive hearing aids Abdul Hamid Sediqi is with m welcome I offer you my greetings, and as well as to the team And a special greetings to the viewers who are watching us Thanks You mentioned that another round of hearing aids distribution started last week And was the process only for Kabul or other provinces Fortunately, most of the people are from Kabul, But we had patients from Ghazni, Jalalabad And other neighboring provinces I heard someone coming even from Noristan YEs, they have heard about the program Or their relatives have received the hearing aids I watched in the documentary some teenagers were also there We cover all age groups But we mostly focus of the children Who are more prone for future complications and challenges but also cover old age and youths I will ask my question later Wida is from 2014 And do you change the aid yearly or they may use the same We have program of after care, And we care for the patients after the distribution process And if the aid finds any problem or the mold find some problem they come to the clinic, the Bayat Clinic And we change the aid And you have health clinic as well Yes, And we change the aid from seven to upper or lower Or in case the Aid finds any sort of problem Or break We change it Or they need battery We replace it without charge And how long will the battery of the hearing aid work We have good quality batteries for them, which works for a week And is that rechargeable? No we give then plenty of batteries And they can replace it by their own How good I want to invite you for watching a video clip Which shows the Afghans who had hearing disability How beautiful children were there An old woman was also among then And I asked doctor Sami if they also give her the hearing aid and he said yes I thought that when you give them the hearing aid, that is all And they can speak well But today I understood that it has steps First I would like to thank the Bayat Foundation Who helped the vulnerable minority And distributed the hearing aids for them But the hearing aids has different steps They have to pass some training And we call the training sessions speech therapy And we train the vulnerable people After that they can use the aids perfectly Doctor Sami will leave and therefore I would like to ask my questions from him Please tell me How can the needy people access your service The Bayat clinic is located in Karte 3 And is open for the public And every season has three phases, The first is molding, the second is application of the aid And the third phase is the after care And we perform after care everyday In the clinic base And at the side of that, register the new patients For the next year’s program And then we call him next year for molding Good luck to you Very few jobs will be there which has both sides of Making for living and also serving the others, Break Welcome back to Bandar with Najiba Very nice, beautiful, dearest Wida is with me Hello Wida jan I am fine Bandar She was the first girls who received the aid And I want to talk to her a little Wida Do you go to school Yes Which class Nine What do you want to become in the future Painter And will you make my painting Before the break, you told us about the steps and phases Please tell us about the hearing aid what wida received And how long will it work When we give the hearing aid to a child We have to make the hearing aid using painless And use the remaining hearing ability in a good manner And we have to work on it And they don’t have to feel any disturb with it like me and you who are normal, and never feel any shortages in with us tell me about the five phases First we place the aid for five to ten minutes in the child’s ear We have to involve the children with some toys in order to disrupt the mind of them And never feel something is placed in our ears in the second phase, we double the duration to 15 or 20 minutes And we produce sounds for them To give them the recognition of the voices and sounds existed in the environment As they have not conception of the surrounding environment As everything is new for them The third phase is for thirty minutes, And we place it for 30 minutes with the same procedure as I mentioned before And keep the children busy The forth phase is 45 minutes, And we produce sounds for them And keep the child busy And the fifth phase is one hour, And that is the phase where we don’t produce any sounds But the child understands that the animal has its own voice Cars, steps And they can differentiate sounds And these five steps have to be considered for them And this is a useful process for those who still have some parts of hearing left And how much time does it take, until they reach the one hour phase It continues for a year And they have to join the teaching class as well And when they attend training classes, they understand that they are like other people Who can use the same world as the others, Wida Do you know me She has seen me in Bandar Do you like Mantoo Before asking you another question , I want to know about Wida, Who is using the hearing aid since 2014 And for how long does she use the aid daily The training course is not done for them They have used the aid but not passed the training course Our suggestion to Bayat foundation is that they Have to held training sessions for them after distributing them the hearing aids so that they could use the aids in better way And do the other people come to you Yes, we are involved in the process of training But some are complete deaf We divide them in to different categories We have people having hearing problem And complete hearing disable And the people with partial hearing loss have the problem with their external ears Or middle ear And they can be treated with hearing aids And the external ear is comprised of the the auricle The auricle collects the sounds and transfers them to the tympanic membrane And the hearing aid also collects the sounds and the transfer to the tympanic membrane And these people can easily be treated And those who are born with the difficulty of hearing Can they also be treated with the hearing aid Or those with partial hearing loss can be treated well The hearing aid is a supportive item It means that the child has to have some parts of hearing And this item helps them And you mean that Wida had that sense of hearing Yes, They had it but the chance was not provided for them On time And I think she was covered by the Bayat foundation health service in forth year of school Then they could get the hearing aid And she is not using that And she has improved And she can speak with you And when I asked her where do we go, she said Bandar Thanks for coming to the program I am feeling really happy for her to hear my program And she will paint my photo once as well Break Welcome back to Bandar with najiba Another boy is with me He is a handsome boy Obaidullah Welcome They told me that Obaidullah is funny Are you funny How long is he being trained with you He is our student since first grade, and now he is in grade ten And we started the preschool period as well and he is with us from the beginin g what is my name Obaidullah Do you like Manto YEs We all love manto Obaid and Ustad is with us and I want to show you another video clip Which shows the Bayat Foundation’s assistance with these people You watched the process of hearing aids distribution To the Afghans with hearing disability Obaid Am I beautiful yes This much, this much or this much A lot Yalda, please take some Manto for Obaid And judge about your food Until Obaid eat the Manto, I want to ask Ustad a few question What will the children using hearing aids face if they don’t come to you Those children who don’t attend our training courses We have psychotherapists, Who can build nice relationship with the children And they can understand the needs of the children When they use the hearing aids, it is like they are being born Newly And we have to prepare anything for the newborn babies And when the baby cries, the mother reaches to him The psychologist works the same for them And they can serve the kids the same as the mothers do for their children And how is the Manto And what does Obaid want to become in the future Graphic designer he means And you will be the graphic designer of Bandar program Thanks Ustad we will have Manto later I understood Obaid was hungry Thanks We reached the end of this Bandar I would like appreciate Bayat Foundation From the chain man who serves the society And lucky are those who have the ability to serve the others, Thank you so much Ustad Have a nice time

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